Wednesday, January 9, 2019

19 25 33 47 54 67 137 | Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, announces divorce, January 9, 2019

Big news to start 2019.

BEZOS = 67 (19th prime)
SEATTLE = 19 (They're a Seattle couple)

This news comes January 9, or 1/9, like 19.

There's also a great connection to 19 here.

The word 'time' has gematria of 25, as in 25-years.  TIME = 25 


137, the 33rd prime; Marry = 33; ALKI = 33 (Original name of Seattle)

Notice Bezos is 54-years-old.

It's also noteworthy that with this Seattle based couple, the wife is born on 4/7, like how Seattle is on the 47th Parallel.  Search this blog for more info on Amazon and 47.

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