Wednesday, February 13, 2019

117 | Lakers 117-point loss to Hawks gives them their first losing record since November 7, 2018

National Basketball Association = 113

The Lakers loss to the Hawks with 117-points, gave them their first losing record since November 7, or 11/7, like 117...

Again, this game was 113-days after Savage 21's birthday.

Savage 21 was big news in Atlanta, the day LeBron lost in Atlanta, and LeBron was quoted with the "Jewish money" lyrics, which are Savage 21 lyrics.

By the way, the Lakers November 7 game was against Minneapolis, the home of the Lakers.

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  1. so there was that story about someone broke into a house in houston to smoke pot and found a tiger.
    it reminds me of that new orleans zoo story where the jaguar escaped... and then new orleans has the great year...
    so does this mean tiger woods wins or rockets or astros win or what? its just far to random, this shouldn't be a national news story.


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