Wednesday, February 13, 2019

44 74 187 193 213 | YNW Melly, Florida rapper, charged with double murder, February 13, 2019

The killing of his friends came 187-days before his 20th birthday.


t is a cross, and it is the 20th letter.

The men were killed on October 26, 2018, a date with 74 numerology.

10/26/2018 = 10+26+20+18 = 74

As for the rapper being charged with murder on the 44th day of the year in the shooting deaths, here is what stands out.

The rapper's name sums to 193, the 44th prime.

It is the 44th day of the year.

Today is February 13, or 2/13.

Read more about 213 and "Young Nigga World" Melly here:

Today is the day in history that All Eyez On Me released.

 2Pac died 213-days after the album release.

Tupac died on September 13.

Don't forget how 2Pac falls into the 74 riddle.

For one last point, the date the men died, October 26, leaves 66-days left in the year.


  1. MJD= Maurice Jones Drew ... Jaguar and UCLA alum

  2. All in Jewish gematria:
    Jamell Demons" = 895
    "Thirty-three" = 895
    "Judas" = 895
    "Ritual human sacrifice" = 895
    "Jesus" = 985

    1. "Thirty-three" = 156 Ordinal
      Story comes a span of 15 weeks, 6 days after the murders


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