Monday, April 15, 2019

58 | Donald Trump is in BURNSVILLE, Minnesota, while Notre Dame is burning, April 15, 2019

4/15/2019 = 4+15+20+19 = 58
Trump, winner of the 58th US Presidential Election 

Read about Notre Dame fire here:


  1. In addition... Pete Buttigieg is officially running for president in 2020... He's the first openly gay person to run for prez... He's from South Bend, Indiana, which is adjacent to the university of NOTRE DAME! LMAO

    1. Good connection! If you haven't heard Tim Kelly's interview with E. Michael Jones' about Buttigieg, you might be interested. Jones is an extremely intelligent, (somewhat radical) Catholic who is blunt (not at all PC) & happens to live a few doors down from "Butt Gig". :D ;D