Tuesday, July 9, 2019

12 55 | Tom Steyer, billionaire, is running as a Democrat for President, July 9, 2019 news



His announcement comes 12-days after his birthday.

Today has 55 date numerology.  7/9/2019 = 7+9+20+19 = 55


  1. Member of the Yale Wolf’s Head Society ­čĄö

  2. I like the AL to win tonight
    Berrios #17 pitching
    #23 Brantley back in Cleveland

    Kill=17 !
    I think score is 3-2 or 5-4

  3. Here’s the 811 clue tying Steyer to Trump notice trump birthday 6/14 .. SF Giants 1957 season they moved to SF in 58 from the polo grounds...

    Their next home game came on April 29, at the St. George Cricket Grounds in Staten Island. Their last game at St. George was on June 14. Their record at St. George was 17-6. After a lengthy road trip, on July 8 they finally debuted their new home field at 8th Avenue and 155th Street in Manhattan. They dubbed this field the new Polo Grounds. That general vicinity would be the Giants' home through the 1957 season.


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