Wednesday, August 7, 2019

24 | Canada authorities believe they have found bodies of suspects in killings, August 7, 2019

This obviously fake story began July 15, a span of 24-days ago.

Recall, the story of the suspects began on a 24 date numerology as well:



  2. The video above is about tomorrows date 8/8


    They are beginning to try and discredit gematria

  4. 08 + 07 + 20 + 19 = 54

    "Fifty Four" = 54
    "Staged Suicide" = 54
    "Found Dead Names" = 54

    "McLeod" = 52
    "Flood" = 52
    "Prophecy" = 52

    August 7th Like 87:

    "Forecast" = 87
    "A Death Hoax" = 87

  5. Toledo / Houston / Michigan the 3 cities
    Incorrectly chosen by Trump and Biden

    TB! 😁... I think this maybe a Super Bowl clue

    Detroit lions practice vs Patriots
    Toledo had the college scandal point shaving
    Houston Brady got his 5th ring
    Michigan Brady school and went RED for Trump

    Today Dolphins owner in the news Equinox Gym
    Remember when Brady’s TRAINER was the focus last season ?
    Brady gets 2 years at 70 million
    That sounds like 70 years of Israel 🇮🇱
    Brady=35 and won Super Bowl 53

    DNC =Detroit the eventual losing party (Implosion)
    RNC= In NC

    Notice the Author and Nobel prize winner dead at 88
    Best known work even gets 88% likes

    Brady’s moms cancer now Lions QB wife’s cancer

    Georgia and Michigan last met 54 years ago
    Series tied 1-1 last meeting 65

    Miami hosting its 11th super bowl
    #11 was Super Bowl mvp

    Matt Stafford born in 88 had 88 passer rating
    Round 1 pick 1

    Funny that #9 Foles replaced #11 wentz
    #9 Brees jerked out of Super Bowl on pass to #11

    #9 Matt Statford 2020 will be his 11th season

    Stafford is best friends with the dodgers choking pitcher

    Can the LIONS break the curse ? LANE

    Funny that Pats owner had the sexual assault
    And Lions Coach also had rape allegations at age 23

    Holy Toledo Batman=65

  6. Toni Morrison (T)ar (B)aby like Tom Brady again

    Think Michigan vs UNC !

    Kemba and Kemble resemblance

    Notice Kemba went to BOSTON and replaced #11 kyrie

    Needs more research but you guys get the picture.

    1. Detroit may have a playoff year.. but not a SB year, IMO.


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