Tuesday, July 23, 2019

20 25 34 38 79 83 97 | Two 6'4" 169-lb teenagers are suspects in deaths of Chynna Deese & Lucas Fowler

Nice photos.

This propaganda for Canada comes on a date with 24 numerology.

7/23/2019 = 7+2+3+2+0+1+9 = 24

Bryer Schmegelsky?  23/7?


The murdered bodies were found July 15, 2019.

7/15/2019 = 7+15+(2+0+1+9) = 34

The name 'Bryer' connects to killer, besides the date, as covered above.

Notice how they mention both men teens 6'4".  Kill = 64; Teen = 64

And then there are the victim names.

First, Chynna Noelle Deese... believable.

Notice how 'Deese' is perfect with 'death' annd 'Chynna' isn't too far off either.

Second, Lucas Robertson Fowler.

Notice how 'Fowler' and 'murder' are perfect in all 4 ciphers, and Lucas isn't too far off.


  1. I know we can't talk about Sandy Hook without getting in trouble but I found something interesting..
    From Sandy Hook to 8/11 is 666% of a year..
    From and including: Friday, December 14, 2012
    To, but not including Sunday, August 11, 2019
    Result: 2431 days
    666.03% of a common year (365 days)

  2. Lucas
    Mercury Hermes Lucifer Prometheus All same character.
    Lucis, Lucy, Lucas, Luke, Lucifer Synonyms used frequently in books movies etc.
    Mercury's symbols include Cockerel/Roster/Chicken/Winged Feet.
    Mercury is Silver
    Lucifer leads the light (sun) into the world
    Luke "sky walker"

    Fowler - Cockerel - Mercury?

    Noelle? Too obvious.. the first Noelle? Virgin mother?

    Schmegelsky. I think this one is clever.
    Smeg. If you are from the English Commonwealth you will know what this means.. not just the literal translation but the insult one. If you are a smeg head... you are a?

    Smeg of the Sky.

    I think this ties to the Apollo mission which was a Mercury related Osiris/Isis fertility ritual. The Rocket being the phallus. Landing on the Mare (sea) of Tranquility.

    It was tranquil because it was virgin land.....

    Very clever encoding.

  3. I'm noticing a pattern with people going missing (allegedly) during the MLB Season. Mollie Tibbetts disappeared on July 18, 2018, from BROOKLYN, Iowa and the LA Dodgers who used to be the BROOKLYN, Dodgers lost the 114th World Series. Jayme Closs went missing in October, which is the month the World Series begins.
    "Kam McLeod & Bryer Schemegelsky"=115(Full Red.)
    'Saturn, The Keeper Of Time"=115(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Rituals For August 11th"=115(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Freemasons"=115(English Ordinal)
    "Psychological Operations"=115(Full Red.)
    This year is the 115th World Series.

    The Toronto Blue Jays (Canada) have "2" World Series titles, like "2" people missing and they were established in "77".
    "Disappearance"=77(Reverse Full Red.)

  4. Kam Mcleod (leo)another lion reference. 7/23 is the first day of Leo. And you spelled his name wrong fyi.

  5. Might be a connection between this 'news' and Vancouver BC, the Huawei Chinese (China...CHYNNA?) CFO woman Meng Wanzhou, that was arrested last December in Vancouver to be extradited to Trump for dealings with IRAN. Noelle is a female for NOEL which are french for 'Christmas'. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born...December 25th! Also, Trump's mother's maiden name is...MACLEOD! The heck is going on?

  6. The first break of the Mueller hearing @ 10:04 am
    The last question before the break by Ohio=17
    Jim Jordan born on Feb 17th lol 19(64)

  7. 07 + 23 + 20 + 19 = 69

    "Canadian Teenagers" = 69, 141 <<< 811 is 141st Prime
    "We are Q" = 69
    "Message" = 69

    "Decode the Killers Height" = 555
    "Reference the Book of Kabbalah" = 555
    "Masonic Blood Sacrifice" = 555
    "Agenda Code Key" = 555

    5 - 5 - 5 ?

    "Five Five Five Code" = 2222 J
    "Hoax by the USA Government" = 2222

    (2) 6'-4" Suspects?

    "Two Six Feet Four Inches" = 264 <<<
    "Arrest Warrant Served" = 264
    "Match McKleod" = 264
    "Calendar Date" = 264

    "Sunday August Eleventh" = 264
    "N.W.O. Agenda [Four Four Four]" = 264, 2056 <<< like 256?

    "Three Four's Agenda Signal Code" = 256, 911
    "Natural Disasters" = 911
    "Tisha Bav" = 911

    "Canadian Killers" = 333
    "Rigging in Effect" = 333
    "Initiate Earthquake Projectors" = 333
    "Weapon Detonation Warning Signal" = 333

  8. Notice the guy on the lefts "Cthulhu" shirt too


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