Monday, July 22, 2019

6 26 46 199 | Tom Brady shamed for cliff diving with 6-year-old daughter

This past NFL season, Tom Brady won his 6th Super Bowl and 26th for the AFC.

Vivi = 26
Vivi, Age 6

Super Bowl = 49 / 112 / 131
Patriots won last year, in Patriots 59th season

This story broke July 19, or 19/7, like 197, the 45th prime; New England = 45

45 is the 9th triangular number; Tom has been to 9 Super Bowls

*This came 166-days (167) after Super Bowl
*This came 51-days (52) before start of season
******Six = 52 (His daughter is 6) (He has 6 Super Bowl Ws)
*This came 15-days before Brady's birthday
*This came 198-days (199) before Super Bowl 54 (199, 46th prime; Tom Brady = 46; Patriots = 46)

Link to 2012 story:

Costa Rica = 35; Tom Brady = 35
Lagoon = 98; Tom Brady = 98; Patriots = 98; New England Patriots = 98

Notice mention of 2012. 2012 was the offseason before the year of Super Bowl 47.

*Super Bowl 47 was Harbaugh Bowl (won by Ravens over 49ers) (John = 47)

The story of the death Giants / Patriots player came on this same day, July 19:


  1. And the fact is, this can be totally digitally generated/fake.
    Maybe, maybe not. I don't care, aside thst msybe it's a season riddle

  2. New Orleans Saints = 98 ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  3. Cliff Dive = 41
    Brady passes torch to Brees they both win at 41. 41/14 connects to Vandy. Brees/Manning SB. 1st Saints win. Leaning Saints/Broncs bc of Manning. Brees will be 41. Black and gold vs Orange as I stated before.

    1. I was waiting on you post... I must say I agree with you now... Saints/Broncos

      Although I think Teddy Bridgewater will be the starting quarterback...

      Matthew Stafford turning 22 the same day as Super Bowl 44 to me still has them high on the list

      Barack Obama 44th president
      (Black president)
      Super Bowl 22 in Miami
      Doug Williams beat Broncos
      (First black quarterback)
      Lร st game Denver played in Miami was 9/27/15(I believe) score was 35-9(44)

      It's more but that's off the top

    2. "Barry" just hit New Orleans! We will own this... I told you Sonny!

  4. Brady jumping off the cliff with his "6" year old daughter means he's going to fall off a cliff talent wise

  5. Last Super Bowl played on 2/2 was when Seattle beat Denver
    (Black quarterback)....43-8

    Saints may go undefeated
    Watch "NFL 100 Commercial"

    1. Flacco starting for Denver. Flacco= 22 and 122 he comes into season with 122 reg season consecutive starts. Denver v saints looking good.

  6. Super Bowl 54(50) modern

    Super Bowl 50
    Denver beat Carolina (black quarterback)

    1. It happened in San Francisco. The coach of the Niners is son of the coach of Denver when they won. It's about san fran, not denver.

  7. "The Call" was a sacrifice for Brees to get it this year. We will have so much coded by the end... we could break Vegas lol

  8. It may be Denver going undefeated and Saints and Bridgewater beat them

    1. We knew the Bridgewater fake injury would lead to something big...

    2. "Minnesota Miracle" was also a sac...

    3. Bridgewater both in Miami also

  9. Check it:
    Nineteen and zero = 74 49 66 195

  10. Could have code flip. Red and Black (Raps) Georgia Bulldogs beat Notre Dame. Falcons played Denver in Miami. All tied together...

  11. Eugene Robinson (blowjob) was #41

  12. Bridgewater started 29 games...

    16-0 33-12(45)
    Super Bowl on 33rd day of the year

  13. Braves win WS. You know my picks there...

  14. Super Bowl 100 commercial

    First shows Peyton, and then Brees/Kanata...then it shows Strahan and then Gronk....(NY/NE)

  15. Miami Northwestern High School =
    112 401 140 106 166
    Send us $$$ peasants ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜

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  17. Last game in Miami...New Orleans won 46-34(80).....

    But they played last year in London where Miami was considered the home team and New Orleans won 20-0

  18. It's about san francisco bridge= niners.


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