Wednesday, July 24, 2019

58 139 140 | Ricardo Rosselló, Puerto Rico Governor, announces he is resigning, July 24, 2019

His announcement comes Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 139-days after his birthday.

It is reported he made fun of Hurricane Maria victims.

You could also say it was his 140th day of his age.


  1. All part of the 12/21 ritual

    Born on 3/7 the 12th prime 😎👊🏻🕎

  2. Golden Gate Bridge 1937
    The sanfrancisco mint 1937

    Connect the dots notice Jimmy G #10 Brady #12 =21 both Bay Area
    Talib #21 was the hero who sent Broncos to Super Bowl 50
    Remember at that point manning was 1-2 in Superbowls
    Same with Matt Ryan #2 lost his 1st Super Bowl
    Notice #21 Elliot being shamed Cowboys
    Notice Kawhi #2 is the #1 player in the NBA ?
    Notice #21 Tim Duncan became Spurs assistant coach

    21 years ago was 98 Falcons vs Broncos the Vikings were shamed
    Notice the last Super Bowl was in Atlanta
    Notice Bay Area quake 89
    Notice #89 Seattle Doug Baldwin released was born on 9/(21) 88!

    Notice they drafted DK metcalf who's real father is probably #21 Browns Eric metcalf
    Who was drafted in 89!

    Cheers minions


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