Thursday, July 25, 2019

34 38 43 74 79 83 223 | Body of missing 12-year-old girl found 34-years later in Greeley, Colorado


139 is the 34th prime.

And Colorado, the 38th state?

Lyrics to Murder by Numbers by The Police:

Greeley, Colorado?

Her name is Jonelle Matthews.

Notice the 74 in Greeley, Colorado as well.

Lyrics to Gematria the Killing Name:

More 74.

Weld County fits in as well.  47. 43.

Policeman = 47; Cop = 47; Authority = 47; Government = 47

Notice they mention she would be 47.


For a couple last points, the victim's name connects to 'Masonic'.

This happened in '84.

And she disappeared on a date with 116 numerology.

12/20/84 = 12+20+84 = 116


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