Monday, July 22, 2019

56 57 187 205 227 448 | Robert Mueller has to stick to his 448 page report when he testifies, July 22, 2019 news

448 pages?  This news comes July 22, or 22/7, like 227.

Again, Washington D.C. is named after the Scottish Rite Freemason, George Washington.

From May 29 to July 24 is a span of 57-days.

 You could also say it is 56-days later...

It's all about capturing the the mind's eye of the masses.

This news comes on the 203rd day of the year, a date with 68 numerology.

Read about the recent 322 rituals with Robert Mueller and the report:

March 22 headlines:

322 days later...:

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