Saturday, July 27, 2019

33 39 78 111 | 33-year-old man arrested at JFK Airport, attempting to join Taliban, July 26, 2019

A 33-year-old?  Delowar?  New York?  Kennedy?

This occurred July 26, 2019, the birthday of New York.  Hossain = 49; Taliban = 49

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  1. "Despicable Goal" = 111 eo, 57 red ... lol
    Obviously "fake news" is perfectly acceptable -- as long as it's being spewed by the government. Aren't they about ready to abandon this "joining the enemy" narrative yet?
    They claim they've been "watching" this (fake) guy for Years -- yet we're expected to shudder with fear because he's so "dangerous". It supposedly took him almost Two Years to attempt to leave the U.S. ... but they waited for him to try to leave before they acted.
    Gee -- does this make people feel safer ... or scared?
    THAT'S the TRULY "Despicable Goal" here ... :D ;D


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