Monday, July 22, 2019

58 88 133 271 | Trump's bail offer for ASAP Rocky turned down, July 20, 2019 news

Notice how the name Rakim Mayers, ASAP Rocky's birth name, connects to 'president', etc.

 He was born in '88.

Trump is #45.

On June 31?  That isn't even a date...

The correct date is June 30.

June 30, the date of the fight, was the 271st day of ASAP Rocky's age.

Again, Trump is the winner of the 58th US Presidential Election, and he announced he was running from the 58 story Trump Tower.


  1. Stock Market Will Crash On Monday, August 5, 2019. "Crash" = 13. "Stock Market Crash" = 5. 3 weeks (37) after the top on Monday, 7/15. 15 trading days or candles after the top on 7/15. It will be 8 weeks (87) before Monday, 9/30/2019...the beginning of WW3. Proof Here:

  2. @ Pineal
    8/4 is Obama and Merkels bday the 216th day of the year
    Boris Johnson born in Kings county NY can be eligible to be PM of the U.K. And President of the US
    So can Royal baby ARCHIE
    Trump is currently 73 years old and Patriots 87 GRONK retired

    I don't believe there's a market crash at all but some kind of US & UK unification
    The last couple of films London has fallen and Olympius has fallen depict both countries

    For Zack Hubbard , nothing will happen on 8/11. These dates are just markers in the ritualistic order.

    1. (R)akim (M)AYERS
      (R)obert (M)uller

      Both tied to breaking the LAW and New Yorkers

      The report was 448 pages looks like an 88

      ASAP rocky lost his brother on 2/22 at the age of 13 ... = 64/46
      Trump born in 46
      Sacrifice =46
      @ Saint Luke's =31 hospital
      Asap's next concert is 8/10 @ Honda center=53 in Anaheim=33

      Wasn't Anaheim Angels player #45 dead at age 27 ? 45+27=72 πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ˜‚

      Born on the 13th! Of July like 74
      Era = 4.41 or 45

      Stroke=88 and 74 .... Trump will suffer IMO when is the question
      Could be after the mueller testimony

      Notice it rained on 7/4 during trumps July 4th speech

      Tyler Skaggs appeared in 66 games dead on 7/1
      Trump RNC in Ohio=17

      Lakers =66 going for title 17 to tie Boston with 17 that's the 88

      East west =50
      Stone wall 50 pride
      50th anniversary of Apollo 11
      America =50

      50 cent from queens has POWER season 6 like 11

  3. Power=58
    Freemasonry =58

    The MVP of Super Bowl 50 was #58 Denver Broncos =64 like 46

    Noticed Von Miller has 443 tackles needs 5 more just like 448 page Russia report

    Pass RUSHER =45 and 144 = the twelve tribes

  4. Von Miller attended Texas AM home of the 12th man
    President Bush Train ride ended at AM
    Seattle Seahawks also use the 12th man

    I have Seattle/ Saints vs Patriots in Miami for Super Bowl 54

    Brady will go to 6-4 Michigan =64 and Steven Ross Dolphins owner Michigan alum
    Also Don Shula wore 73 in the NFL
    Derrick Jeter owner of the Marlins tied to Michigan
    The 12th prime 37
    The 21st prime 73
    Seahawks established in 1974 or 45 years ago
    #74 dolphins lost his left arm
    Seahawks have the one arm player Shaqkim Griffin from UCF
    Seahawks originated in Miami

    There's a new NFL ball by Wilson like Russell notice that Russell Westbrook was
    Rumored to be a Miami Heat

    Rematch of super bowl 49 the hero was #21

    The Patriots will go 18-1 again like 811

    DK metcalf reminds me of Browns great DB Eric Metcalf #21

    King Harry

    1. Sorry Harry but I got a Steelers-Cowboys SB. Here's why:
      Super Bowl=41,49
      Devin Bush=41 (coincidentally he played at Michigan, Brady's school. Funny he's number 10 and he was the 10th pick in the 2019 Draft. His number is 55. 5+5=10).
      Devin=27 (possiblity the Steelers go 7-2 and give the AFC there 27th SB.)

      It's been 41 years since Pittsburgh and Dallas played in Miami in Super Bowl 13 (Dallas scored 31 points. Steelers went 14-2 and Dallas went 12-4. Pittsburgh's area code is 412. Dallas's area code is 214. Zeke Elliot's number is 21. Dak Prescott's number is 4.)
      If the Steelers and the Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl and:
      Pittsburgh wins:
      1. Roethlisberger and Tomlin will go 3-1 in SBs on 2-2-20.
      2. Pittsburgh will go 3-0 against Dallas in Miami and 3-1 against Dallas in SBs.
      3. Dallas goes 5-4 in SBs.
      4. Roethlisberger and Tomlin will go 2-2 against Dallas on 2-2-20.

      If Dallas wins:
      1. Dallas will be 2-2 against Pittsburgh in SB.
      2. Roethlisberger and Tomlin will go 1-3 against Dallas.
      3. Roethlisberger and Tomlin will go 2-2 in SBs on 2/2/20.
      4. Brady, Pittsburgh, and Dallas will go 6-3 in SBs (3 teams with 6 SBs? 666? Hmmm..).

  5. @Andrea

    Neither team will make the playoffs . Why do you think both teams are being shamed??
    All tributes to Daddy bush 41.

    Black QB ,Americas team and Black Coach in Steel country under Trump = losing

    I'm changing my pick , Wilson is black , Brady wins again 😜😜😜😜


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