Wednesday, July 24, 2019

213 | Clippers introduce Kawhi Leonard and Paul George with (213) tribute, July 24, 2019

Nice, 2 and 13 next to each other.  (213) is an LA area code.

*The NBA Finals = 213


  1. And Davis and lebron numbers (3)(23)

    1. Interesting!
      Kyrie Irving and Moses Malone's DOB is 3/23.


    2. 323 is an La area code as well

  2. "Black History Month"=213(English Ordinal)
    "Two Hundred Thirteen"=96(Full Red.)
    "The Golden Gate Bridge"=96(Full Red.)
    "Freemason"=96(English Ordinal)

  3. 2 13- 24 on the 24th day representing the 6 but where does 24 fit

    1. @Unknown - July 24th is 2 weeks, 4 days (24) from August 11th.

      "L.A."=24(Franc Baconis)

      Anthony Davis is the new #23. The divisors of 23 sum to 24.

  4. Golden Gate Bridge =213

    Too easy minions

    1. What would we do without you? Lol

      I had you pictured as a Old Grumpy White Man.

  5. @Marian
    Can you help with this riddle ?
    Miami is hosting Super Bowl 54 (9) the cities 11th Super Bowl a record
    #11 Edelman was last seasons Super Bowl 53 MVP (118/811)
    On the special edition NBA 2K 20 WADE is on the cover Miami again
    In Madden 20 face of the franchise mode is black QB who chose U Miami

    The last Miami QB to wear #11 was Ken Dorsey won a title at Miami 2001 canes
    I noticed that former hurricane Winslow Jr #81 is facing prison time

    #45 Trump tried to hire Don Shula coach of the dolphins in the 80's

    #23 jimmy butler from Houston is now on the heat
    #23 is a retired number in Miami , by pat Riley tribute to Jordan

    Drake #32 was the hero in the " Miami miracle" beating patriots on last play
    Drake the rapper made a video at the university of Miami

    WTF is going on ? The 1977 film black Sunday attack on Super Bowl
    Brady born in 77
    Owner Steven Ross the Jew is an alum of Michigan like Brady and Jeter
    Who owns the Marlins with his gay Jew boyfriend

    The champ Floyd born in 77 is from Michigan and #32 magic stepped down from lakers
    Also Michigan
    Coach harbaugh Michigan was criticized for having SATELITE camps in Florida
    And also critical of Urban Meyer cheating.

    The Dolphins #74 (11) lost his Arm in a car accident on 7/4/19

    Seattle Seahawks turn 45 the original Miami Dolphins

    The original hurricanes wore black uniforms .

    Ray Lewis was part of the black out Supetbowl 47

    WTF ????

    1. @Harry Butts-Interesting Decode!
      You should take a look at Superbowl XI(11), that took place on January 9th (1/9, 19)in 1977(77). The final score was 32-14.
      The Synagogue Of Satan is obsessed with the number 11, it's considered a Master Number. Synagogue of Satan aka 13 Bavarian Illuminati aka Catholic Church aka False Jews aka Owners of Every Professional Sports Team.

      Remember we just had a Power Outage/Blackout in NYC on 7/13. Which was a simulation of the 1977 NYC BLACKout that occurred on 7/13 (New York is the 11th State).

      America is Ancient Rome that's why they use Roman Numerals to describe the Superbowl. Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times the reason they love assigning the #23 to certain players.

      The NBA will start the 74th Season in October.

      Jeter and his gay boyfriend LOL!!

  6. @Marian
    Makes total sense thanks!

    Check this out. Robert Mueller middle name “SWAN=24”
    Testimony moved to the 24th

    Swan song by DUA LIPA released on 1/24/19 😆

    24 years ago was the MLB lock out 1995

    #23 Don Matingley Yankees 1st baseman was headed to his first World Series

    The Yankees and Jeter would win WS in 96 the following year

    Don is the manager of the Marlins under Jeter lol

    Notice #42 sandman=42 Mariano is supporting Trump

    He’s on fox headlines today 🤔

    Apollo theater has a “Sandman” notice it’s 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

    Coincidence that Ron Howard tweeted during mueller testimony?

    Cheers 🥂

  7. The head coach doc rivers even made the comment that 213 is the area code too smh

  8. @harrybutts check this decode out...

  9. Braves Stros Saints Broncs Dawgs Irish next Championship Opponents

    1. Hall of Fame game falcons n broncos Aug 1. 213 day of the year. Afc wildcard= 213

  10. Tell me if you have seen these #'s before:
    11×1 = 11, 111
    11×2 = 22, 112
    11×3 = 33, 113
    11×4 = 44, 114
    11×5 = 55, 115
    11×6 = 66, 116
    11×7 = 77, 117
    11×8 = 88, 118
    11×9 = 99, 119
    Hmmm ....

  11. Why has MLB had every number of runs from 10 to 19 scored by one team in the last 3 weeks???


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