Thursday, July 25, 2019

44 64 187 | Mother Theresa assistant killed in bar brawl, after July 18, 2019 fight

The assault was July 18, or 18/7, like 187, the date with 44 and 64 numerology.

7/18/19 = 7+18+19 = 44
7/18/2019 = 7+18+20+19 = 64 

I'll look more at this later.


  1. Mother Teresa (A Catholic Church Hoax like Santa/Satan Claus)
    died 5 days after Diana, Princess of WALES in the year 1997 (8/31/1997 - 9/5/1997).
    "Diana Princess Of Wales"=87(Full Red.)
    "August 11"=87(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Archdiocese"=87(Jewish Ordinal)
    Mother Teresa was 87 when she died (allegedly).
    "Eighty Seven"=139(English Ordinal)
    "Bar Brawl"=139(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Freemasonry"=139(English Ordinal)

    Christ had 5 Deadly Wounds when he was Crucified by the ROMAN Empire that evolved into the ROMAN Catholic Church.

    (B)ar (B)rawl(BB=22)
    "July"=22(Reverse Full Red.)
    The Catholic Church are the 13 Bavarian Illuminati Archon(s) aka Synagogue Of Satan aka Hollywood aka The False Jews Ruling In The End Times.

    "Archon"=32(Full Red.) 32 ( 3 + 2 = 5)
    "Bar Brawl"=32(Full Red.)

  2. There was a Full Moon and a partial lunar eclipse on the 16 and 17 July 2019 (Full Moons are known to enhance satanic activity - nice article to read about it:

    7/16/2019 = 62 (like Sacrifice) and 42 (like Freemason)
    2 days later, the pub fight:
    7/18/2019 = 64 (like Mark Bloomfield) and 44 (like Kill). Also, July 18th is the 199 day of the year, 199 is the 46th prime number (46 = Sacrifice).

    The place:
    "Full Moon Pub" = 147 (like Conspiracy, Freemason, Mother Teresa); 48 (like Freemason); 51 (like Conspiracy)
    or "Full Moon Inn" = 55/53 (the same as "moon landing").

    Colin Thomas Payne (like Pain?) and Mark Bloomfield both have 80/242 in their names. Mr Payne has also gematria of 73 = Sacrifice.

  3. David Hedison 92 died on the 18th, famous for Felix Leiter (118 Jewish) in a several Bond films (8 and 16 of the official ones I guess,i.e. the new Bond film 25 could be also be no. 27), and the 1958 'The Fly' movie.

    1. Jack Lord was the first Felix Leiter, more famous for Hawaii Five-O. Some more of their diabolical riddles I suspect with the new Hawaiian presidential candidate?


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