Thursday, July 18, 2019

147 187 | Iran seizes foreign oil tanker, July 18, 2019 news

This July 18 news, is about Sunday, July 14.

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 187
Freemason = 147; Conspiracy = 147 

Consider July 18 has 44 date numerology.  7+18+19 = 44 (Military = 44)

I'll do more work on this later. 


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  2. "One Million" = ** 118 ** eo
    "One Million Liters Smuggled" = ** 118 ** red
    (Israeli Defense Forces = 118 rr)

    "Half Full" = 33 red
    "Fars News" = 33 red, 111 ro, *48 rr
    >> "South of Larak" = *48 red
    >> "Propaganda" = *48 red

    "Fake News" = 84 eo
    "One Million Liters" = 84 red
    "Pre-War Propaganda" = 84 red

    "Ambushed" = 73 eo, 44 rr
    "Semi-Official" = 73 rr -- (the supposed news source)

    Pure propaganda. So, an ... Unnamed Ship ... that No One Claims ... supposedly Seized (though Actual, Identifiable Officials do NOT Confirm this) ... by a force that Ambushed it (hyperbole, anyone?) ... because it was carrying Smuggled Fuel (they provide the mental image of small dhow boats ferrying dribs & drabs of "fuel" back & forth to half-fill this tanker ... so quaintly picturesque ...).
    And yet NO WHERE in this piece is there a SINGLE IOTA OF VERIFIABLE FACT.
    Once again, CNN reveals it's true mission ... :D ;D



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