Saturday, July 27, 2019

59 277 | 100-years-ago, July 27, 1919, white mobs attacked black people (CNN)

July 27 can be written 27/7, like 277.


  1. Cock sucker trump =223
    White supremacist =223
    White world order=223
    Aryan Nations=33

    Any questions ?

  2. In Lower Manhattan, from July 13 - 16, 1863, ** 119 ** black people were killed during the New York City Draft Riots. Poor white men were angry about being drafted to fight in the Civil War, because wealthy men were afforded the option of paying $300 ($9200 today) or sending a substitute in order to avoid going.
    Free blacks were targeted & "either 119 or 120 " were killed (odd). It was the worst rioting the country has experienced -- even to this day.
    All of this violence occurred NORTH of the Mason-Dixon Line -- Yankees expressing a vicious hatred for blacks. Later examples occurred in Detroit, Washington D.C. & L.A.

    And yet it's we Southerners who are Always castigated & labeled as "racists". Can you see the lies?
    Look around any southern city -- large or small -- & you'll see people of Every Shade of Color. It's been that way since Before the Civil War ... & this "miscegenation" (race-mixing) is one of the reasons that the North set out to subdue & control the South. This was NOT due to the "raping of slave women" as the Social Justice Warriors claim. More than 90% of those in the South did NOT own slaves.
    People in the South were agrarian -- not urban -- & as such, All Races (including the always forgotten Native Americans) worked & lived closely together ... & violent "Racism" only arrived with the Yankee Carpetbaggers during Reconstruction.
    This is the True, ACTUAL HISTORY -- not the false narrative written by the Victorious Northern Aggressors.

    Just trying to remind everyone that -- especially with "history" -- if The System is selling you a storyline you'd be wise to flip it 180 degrees & start looking for the Real Truth in whatever is Opposite of the Official Narrative. :D ;D


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