Monday, July 29, 2019

78 159 | NASA fed Apollo 11 lunar samples to German Coackroaches, July 29, 2019 news

NASA's early days had much to do with German and Nazi scientists.

German Cockroaches = 78 / 159
Scottish Rite = 78 / 159


  1. Space food=159

    Now you know what’s on the menu 😎

  2. Don’t forget PAPA ROACH is performing at pier 17
    In NYC on 8/11!!!

  3. 2019 - 2001 = 18 years

    "Coming Eighteenth Year" = 911
    "World Jewish Congress" = 911
    "Coded Protocol System" = 911
    "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911

    "Advanced Pre-Planning" = 180
    "Repeat Event Days" = 180 <<< Like 18? <<< Like 6+6+6
    "August Eleventh" = 180
    "Demolish Souls" = 180, 666
    "Four Four Four" = 180
    "Alarm" = 18
    "Code" =18

    18 = 6 + 6 + 6

    "Ritualistic Kabbalah" = 666
    "Fake Moon Landing" = 666
    "Symbolic Code" = 666
    "Prophecy" = 666

    "Apollo Eleven" = 53, 134
    "Crisis Actor" = 53, 134
    "Vesica Piscis" = 53, 134

    "A Buzz Aldrin" = 53, 134 <<<

  4. @ Jake need your help!

    Bison attacks 9 year old
    Bison attacks 17 year old
    Sum 26
    Carson Wentz former BISON is 26 years old

    Eagles won Super Bowl For the 2017 season
    With back up QB #9 nick foles

    Steagles. Record was 5-4-1 ...

    The tie game was 14-14 vs redskins
    Super Bowl52 score 41-33

    Reminds me of the bush train 4141

    “During a speech to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Bush announced a vision to complete Space Station Freedom, resume exploration of the moon and begin exploration of Mars”

    Can you add to this riddle??

  5. Freedom = 66, 39, 123, 33

    Wentz bday is 12/30
    Steagles 19(33)
    Wentz is 6’6” with cleats
    Not sure what 39 relates to either the synagogue shooter
    Or the reverse that bush left office in 93 πŸ˜†

    Trump had the “TWIN EAGLES “ seal ..

    Could it be 2 Lombardi trophies for philly

    Like “Philly Philly” play where Foles got the TD

    Miami ties to Philadelphia
    Jerome Brown #99
    Michael Irving #88 knocked out in philly
    #23 jai Ayai traded to eagles before Super Bowl

    Bison=23 !

    Watch the movie “ Shooter” again !

    DC sniper=88

    Brady will get 33 wins if he wins super bowl
    Or 32 if he loses

    Think Miami miracle last season
    Think rams #23 interfered in P.I play in The saints game

    Lady season super bowl was on 2/3

    Score was 13-3 like 43
    Big papi wore #34 shot in the BACK !

    Patriots going back ? Only 34 patriots showed up to White House to visit Trump

    If Brady has to play a 1st round game then he needs 4 wins to win super bowl

    So he can either have 33 or 34 playoff wins


  6. Brady turns 43
    43rd President Clinton
    93 Super Bowl champions Cowboys
    #4 DAK Prescott same name as bush replaced ROMO #9
    Bush dead at age 94

    Prescott bush πŸ˜†.

    Dallas America’s Team black QB
    Patriots cheaters America’s Dynasty white QB

    Dynasty was soap opera 9 season 220 episodes (94)
    Made to compete with “Dallas”

    If DAK #4 wins or goes to his 1st super bowl like 41
    Super bowl 41 in Miami by Peyton Manning

    The first black QB #17 Williams is from New Orleans

    Mueller testimony was on the 17th moved to the 24th

    Dak #4 could be the 3rd QB to win a Super Bowl

    Russell Wilson #3 was the 2nd black QB (23) vs Manning

    Notice the Black out in NY was 42 years to the day of 1977 raiders won Super Bowl 11

    32-14 😁😁😁😁

    Notice raiders QB #4 could go to his 1st super bowl (41)
    Notice the raiders traded #89 to Dallas

    John Gruden won Super Bowl 37 !

    #26 Clinton Portis was drinking “Hennessy =37”

    Peyton was 37 when he won his last Super Bowl
    Trump is 73 years old Ivanka is 37

    Miami legend DON Shula is 89 years old played in 73
    Games in the nfl and 21 interceptions

    21st prime 73
    12th prime 37

    89 was the quake in Frisco Oakland A’s champs
    49ers were the champs
    Pistons back to back champs 89-90

    1. Joe Montana= 54, hand job = 54 (Kraft scandal)
      This year's score brand football cards are being made to look like the 1989 season cards.

  7. Pats started their reign when xfl first started. XFL is back. AAFL folded 8n less then a season. AAFC, folded and the Niners and Browns left aafc to join nfl. AAFC was founded in 1944.. the year Rutgers Hauer and Broncos owner Bowlen were born. Rutger H. Was not in blade runner 2049, but he was still in blade runner. Blade runner 2049, show on tv, Lodge 49, takes place in long beach Ca.. there's a college team in long Beach.the 49ers.
    The Shows NOS4A2, and Deadly class are also clues.

  8. @ Ram

    Check out Animal kingdom season 4 episode 9
    Listen to what SMURF says toward the END of the episode

    Cheers !
    Nice connect to XFL ...
    Brady going to his X =10th Super Bowl in FL = XFL


    1. Lol never watched a full episode, looks cliche. And the mom is so annoying!

    2. She mentions what’s to come
      Race riots/ economic collapse/ nuclear accident

      Ellen Barkin has Cancer in the show.

      I only watch random episodes that fit the number patterns.

      I was blown away by her comment.

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  10. Pat Flaherty..He beat Pats twice,with Giants staff, and coached in San fran..( Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores sure didn’t need long to determine he’d put the wrong man in charge of coaching his offensive line. Pat Flaherty had the job for less than six months—he was hired by Flores on February 8, and he was fired Monday, after just four training camp practices.

  11. Tony Adamle
    1954- only one player wore number 54, in 1954. he was drafted by the Bears but played entire career in Cleveland. went to Ohio State. His son played in nfl for bears and was a tv play by play guy later. Mike Adamle.
    Tony wore 74 before they changed him to 54 , for his last year

  12. I have a April 15, 2002, sports illustrated with Brady on cover, after first super bowl win. Also on the same cover is SF Giants Barry Bonds and a story about Jim Brown serving jail time. The Jim Brown article starts on page 54. As we've seen in past, teams can have numbers that relate to the SB or WS year, doesn't mean they go or win tge championship . .but it can mean a successful year.


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