Saturday, July 20, 2019

YouTube strikes & suspends account for video from early April, 2019

In that video I shared a reader's question and presented my take on why it was a fair question to ask.

How does that violate the TOS?

Notice I was 1 week from getting the strike off of my channel.

I'm feeling it.


  1. I am feeling it too, it's all coming to a ______________________

    1. It's your student rashad from toronto, see how the raptors won the title in golden st smh, biggest sign ever thank you again for teaching me about gematria, I am now teaching others

  2. Not a lot of people agree to what you’re saying so that makes you appear antigovernment.

  3. When the truth is suppressed, the reptilians are showing us how scared they are. The see we are waking ourselves up no matter what they do to manipulate us.

  4. It's because you're bullying the Cabal, and YT doesn't like that. Stop bullying the bullies, ya hear!?

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