Thursday, June 13, 2019

24 30 35 36 82 136 | Raptors win first NBA Finals, June 13, 2019, 114-110 over Godlen State Warriors +Dell, Sonya & Ayesha Curry

The Warriors went to 5 straight NBA Finals, and won 3 of 5.

5 is the 3rd prime number

The Raptors won their first championship in their 24th season. 

The Warriors have gone down 2-4, like 24.

And this game was played on the 24th day of Gemini, June 13.

If you missed the game, Steph Curry forced up a fade away 3-pointer with 8 seconds left in the game, while down 1-point, with a score of 110-111.  Only in rigged sports do you ever witness such idiocy.  Even if he made the shot, he would have given his opponent plenty of time to respond and even the score.  Pathetic.

Keep in mind this is the 73rd NBA season, and Steph Curry is born on the 73rd day of the year.

The last song on the Drake album, Scorpion, which is tied to these rigged finals, is titled March 14.

Don't forget Steph Curry's dad wore #30 for the Raptors.

The Raptors went 3-0 in Oracle Arena, and Wardell Curry used to wear #30.

Notice the Raptors won with 114-points.

And don't forget Curry's wife, Ayesha Curry, born in Toronto, Ontario.

 Today is 82-days after her 30th birthday.

The Raptors had 82 shots from the field in their Game 6 win.

The NBA Finals began May 30, 2019, her 69th day of her age, and the Warriors came in with 69-wins for the season (57 in regular season and 12 in playoffs).

Keep in mind today is June 13, or 6/13.

-13, the 6th prime (13th day of 6th month)
-Warriors held to 6 championships
-Warriors held to 6 home wins in the 2019 NBA Playoffs
-Drake calls Toronto "The 6" 
-Warriors held to 36 wins in Oracle for the season (Square Root of 6)
-Raptors' 24th season (24 is 2+4 = 6)

Read about the Raptors NBA Finals birth and Drake here:
Read about Drake's Scorpion album and the "109" rituals:

For one more kicker, the NBA Finals began on Steph Curry's mother's birthday.

And for one more, the Raptors motto is 'We the North'.

Notice this graphic from CNN.


  1. I was with you the whole time man, you trav and trcosby made it abundantly clear

  2. Barny wins a final!! But like the Saints, Diamond Backs,Marlins.. they won't be back for at least another 50 years. Now, who do the Lakers get for their fake championship?

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  4. ram29jacksonJune 13, 2019 at 9:57 PM

    There's a whole influx of teams that never win, now winning..but this one was the strangest yet

  5. Raptors Score 114 Points:

    "Nick Nurse" = 114
    "Warriors Lose" = 114
    "Raptors Scored Points" = 114
    "First Championship Win" = 114
    "First Appearance Champion" = 114
    "The Seventy Second Finals" = 114
    "Seventy Second Tournament Win" = 114

    2019 - 1947 = 72 Years

    "Warriors Defeat" = 72

    1. "Raptors Victory" = 219 <<< Like 2019 ?
      "Pay Tisha Bav Tribute" = 219

      "Twenty Fourth Season Wins" = 333
      "Pro Sports Championship Win" = 333
      "The Book Nineteen Eighty Four" = 333
      "Agenda Two Thousand Twenty One" = 333
      "Use Ordinal Gematria to Decode a Message" = 333

      "A First Finals Victory" = 911 S
      "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911
      "World Jewish Congress" = 911
      "Symbol of Freemasonry" = 911
      "Coded Protocol System" = 911

      2019 - 1947 = 72 Years:

      "Four Point Win" = 72
      "Warriors Defeat" = 72
      "First Finals Wins" = 72
      "Raptors Game Seven" = 72

      114 to 110 = 224

      "Game Seven Finale Symbol" = 224
      "The Key of David Code" = 224
      "Professional Sports" = 224
      "Game Seven Raptors" = 224 <<< 114 + 110 Points

      "Warriors Game Seven Score" = 110 R <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  6. LOL.. Boys we all get better every year! SOON they won't be able to alert their Jesuit fuckboys without alerting us. All we do is win... Keep that mindset.

    1. Brewers over Astros if they stick to the first time champion thing.

  7. I can't believe they used the 41/14 code AGAIN... LMFAO

    1. They basically had too. The warriors went into the all Star break with 41 wins. Also today was the first game if finals where baseball team and basketball team won on same day. But that was because blue Jays gave Orioles 47th loss

    2. My Dog! I hope you made some $$$ I killed both NHL AND NBA TO THE GAME. Missed 1 out of 13 bro. Hope we can get everyone back and kill it on here again.

  8. NHL: Blues win first Stanley Cup
    NBA: Raptors win first championship

    NFL........ lions? Browns? Anyone else?

    1. Both Blues and Raptors pulled a huge comeback during the regular season. Both went from zero-to-hero just enough to make the playoffs and beat everybody.
      While neither are huge markets for their teams, both pulled the near impossible since mid-season. Blues were literally last place in the entire league on January 3. St Louis is no stranger to this: Almost like the near-impossible odds of the St Louis Cardinals making the playoffs in 2011, where they ended up winning it entirely.
      Also Toronto's quite a big city, and their win is a major growth opportunity for the NBA. When I said not-so-big market for the Raptors, basketball isn't huge in Canada, but with this win, the NBA will expand their money-making abilities by opening up a new big-market for pro basketball.

  9. Browns Final Four. I am leaning Pitt/Philly in SB.

    1. Browns look solid. I'm thinking bears, Rams, from nfc. If bears cb vs cb 3x2 3x2 66 on the 33rd day on the year

    2. Yeah. Niners will be badasses.

    3. I got Steelers-Cowboys rematch of SB 13:
      Super Bowl=41
      Devin Bush=41
      Devin=27 (Steelers possibly going 7-2)
      It's been 41 years since Pittsburgh and Dallas played in Miami.
      Steelers=31,113 (Dallas scored 31 points in SB 13)

    4. You got Steelers making Sb who would they face in AFC Championship

    5. James well... New England will be perfect team for the Steelers to put an end to their dynasty. My final 4 will be:
      Patriots vs. Steelers-AFC Championship
      Cowboys vs. Rams-NFC Championship

  10. mordecai D. hebrewsteinJune 13, 2019 at 10:16 PM

    the 6ix wins in 6.. easy $$$

  11. You literally had Raptors winning in 7 games u swore it would be 7 and not 6. You were wrong.

  12. Kyrie and lebron #2/#23 4 straight finals! 1-3

    Kawhi Leonard and LeBron #2/#23 3-3!!! 2020-2023

  13. I told everyone that this was a recreation of the 1993 NBA finals(warriors=bulls,Raptors=suns)with Barkley being traded to the suns(73) and taking the suns to there first NBA finals 24 years into there franchise existence. Just like Barkley Kawhi lead there team in there first year on there 24th year except the warriors lose this time 4-2 just like the bulls beat the suns 4-2 winning the championship ship on the road. Check the blog on 5/30/2019 of the NBA finals I called it in 6 games comment at 12:52pm. 20+19=39 reverse that and its 93. 6 and 9's where the key to knowing who was gonna win the media kept comparing the warriors with the bulls dynasty so I knew right then the warriors would not end up with 7 championships and the bulls only 6

  14. Honestly I trust just about everyone BUT Zach and Tony....they keep fucking it up

  15. Did anyone see one of the Warriors player pulled a Chris Webber?

    1. Yeah it was Draymond Green. He was the 35th pick in his draft... another 35 amongst them all. He kinda had to though or the clock would’ve ran out

    2. Chris Webber wore the numbers 4,2,and 84 during his time in the NBA.

  16. 114-110 224 24 Year Tribute to the Toronto Raptors.

  17. Kawhi joins misses 73 games last season in the most bizarre anti-social Injury and team relationship ever with Spurs then LBJ goes West and kawhi heads to Raptors for the 73rd NBA season. Kyle Lowrys 73rd ever playoff game , 73rd NBA season vs the record setting 73 win team led by Steph Curry born on the 73rd day. Raptors pick up their 21st win vs Warriors all time. 73 the 21st prime. Lowry with 21 first half points. Raptors had 73 wins heading into Game 6. Klay goes down and KD goes down, both sacrifices. #11 + #35 = 46. Numbers 46 and 73 are SACRIFICE numbers as “Sacrifice” = 46 & 73 in Gematria. 73 is never good for the Warriors. They lost in their scripted 73 win season and now lose in the NBA’s 73rd season. I remember during Warriors’ 73rd Win in 2016 Steph Curry scores 46 points, the sacrifice numbers. Curry born on 73rd day. Steph Curry was playing his 407th and Last ever game at Oracle last night. Warriors celebrating 47 years at Oracle arena, Curry scores playoff career high 47 points in Game 3 I believe. KD played 47 career total playoff games for Warriors before returning and rupturing his Achilles. Warriors celebrated 47 yrs at Iracle in 4/7. KD joined Warriors in 2016 on July 4th is 4/7 Lmaoooo 67 days after that 4/7 date Warriors go down. 67 the 19th prime, Raptors ‘19 NBA champs. Remember in Game 3 ESPN threw up the stat that teams who win Game 3 of the Finals with the series tied 1-1 were 31-7 all time. Raptors made it 32-7 all time. Warriors scored 109 points in those first 3 games. Why? Cause 109 + 109 + 109 = 327... 32-7. ESPN throws up that 31-7 stat during the final game of 109 points by Warriors lmao It’s scripted wayyyy in advance and teams n refs have to carry out the script I guess. Kawhi ‘The Klaw’ goes to the team with the ‘Claw’ logo in it... about as scripted as I’ve ever seen a Finals and just a year of NBA basketball.. how it all played out, LeBron going West for the first time and Vice versa for Kawhi going East. Raps 24 reg season losses, 24th year of the franchise, Warriors lose 2-4. Warriors were 8-9 without KD and With Steph Curry in the Finals... like 89 which is the 24th prime

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  19. Trav start looking at numbers from every angle bro. The 224 combined is also 22×4 = 88

  20. Remember again... The opening score told the prophecy... 118-109 flipped over 11×8 = 88 109 is 106 prophecy foretold right in front of our faces...

  21. Prince said... "All you have is prophecy"

  22. Zach misleads on purpose... Not because he is a bad guy but because "they" shut him down!

    1. That's a big statement right there. How can we follow you? Do you have a YT channel?

      Nice job hitting 12/13 in finals

    2. I will bro... Had to start over after Hurricane Michael. It was a 5... We barely have internet. Most homes are tarped. 80% of our buildings were destroyed. Bear with me I will hit you up...

    3. True bro. Yeah the numbers go deep when looked at from every angle. But hey that’s why we’re a team. We all bring something good to the table and from different views 🙏🙏

    4. So you’re definitely thinking August 11th something WILL happen? Just don’t get too attached to the date bro. Something may happen but I remember when I thought May 23rd was gonna be big for Trump in 2017 and other dates but nothing happened.. and it kinda took a little out of me. Just be prepared for nothing to happen as well so it doesn’t discourage you to keep going forward with numbers and truth

  23. I missed 1 game out of 13. Get better!

  24. Let's do something fun... List all the 41/14 coding you have seen this year lol

    1. TR
      The best one I’m following is President bush 41
      And his 4141 train Thru Texas

      And Brady getting #6 at age 41

      Take a look at hydrogen bomb W88!

      Think K19 widow maker and think NYC again

      Notice Rudy & Bush jr 9/11

      Kahwi & Derozan both have the 9/11 code

      F22 Raptors planes

      Submarine =141

  25. Nick Nurse who replaced the black head coach for Raptors his name equals 114 and 57

    1. Also I think he won the Finals 41 days after his birthday or something close to that.

  26. Anyone notice Durant #35 (8)
    Klay #11 went down ?? 811 or 88 code

    Anyone notice both have ties to Washington?
    Anyone notice the Time Out was a tech they mentioned
    Chris Webber #4 who was drafted by ORLANDO

    Notice trump will be in Orlando on 7/18 2 years after
    Assassination attempt in Las Vegas

    Anyone notice Raptors GM bday 7/7/70 like when trump
    Took office

    Stay tuned folks FALSE FLAG coming

  27. We crushed him bro 💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯

  28. Dumbknown Original 😁😂😁😌😌😌
    UnknownJune 10, 2019 at 12:53 PM
    Numbers aside. Use the small part of your brain. KD is coming back. He is gonna win 3 straight for his 3rd chip. 3 years ago Lebron did to the wairriors. Came back 3-1 against the warriors. So now it’s pay back. KD will show you tonight

  29. So elaborate... What the fuck is a "chip?". It's a "ship". Dumbass like Championship!

  30. I'll keep my 12-13 bankroll while you decide where your hero KICKED DOWN (KD) will end up... LMAO

  31. Crosby don't gloat,lol

    12/13 is good but something that can't be verified so it comes off like "as predicted"....just keep perfecting your method, study your losses more than celebrating your wins and you'll be to really crack the code. Looking at the numbers from EVERY angle will only lead you down a rabbit hole especially if you're using gematria....

    Keep pushing and great work

    1. Thanks bro. No. 118 being 88 being 19 being 10 being 16 being 6 being 3... That's what I mean. That one number can be so many others with coding.

  32. Four players scored 22 points or more: Kyle Lowry (26 points), Pascal Siakam (26 points), Kawhi Leonard (22 points), and Fred VanVleet (22 points).
    Basketball = 22 (FR)

    Also someone noted the 224 total points... and 4 players scored 22 points or more on the Raptors.

  33. Lakers got Anthony Davis...I fucking knew it, told everybody it was gonna happen this weekend.

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