Tuesday, June 18, 2019

58 119 159 165 223 271 | Gay Hell, Michigan pride month stunt by YouTuber Elijah Daniel, June 17, 2019

See Derek's video on the subject:




Elijah Daniel's action on June 17 came 159-days after his birthday, or 5-months and 8-days.

Notice how LGBTQ sums to 58 as well.

Read about Dan Howell's recent gay statement in Pride Month on YouTube, which received mainstream media attention.  It was a 58 tribute as well: 

As for the 159 days...

Pride Flag connects to Scottish Rite also.

Notice how Hell, Michigan fits in.  223.


It was also Elijah Daniel's 160th day of his age.

The name Gay Hell has eye grabbing gematria...

And for one last point, June 17 was a perfect date for a stunt by Elijah Daniel.

Notice the names Elijah and Daniel have perfect overlap.

Keep in mind Elijah and Daniel are biblical names.

Elijah + Daniel = 45+45 = 90


  1. Hey Zach and everyone, have you guys seen the trailer for this new movie called "YESTERDAY" it will be release on Jun 28 2019 its about the BEATLES disappearing after there is a GLOBAL BLACK OUT.
    Its pretty interesting how it connects to August 11
    From Jun 28 to August 11 its a span of 44 days, and remember this movie its about the BEATLES, in the Jewish Cypher the word BEATLES = 223
    Remember August 11 its the 223 of the year!
    Also Beatles = 44 in the RFR cypher
    Like the word KILL = 44
    Im sure there is more, can you cover this film?
    Ps notice how the trailer its 3:11
    Like 113a.

  2. "Gay Hell" = 34 <<<<<< 9th Fibonacci
    "Claret Jug" = 34
    "Code Names" = 34
    "Its a Hoax" = 34
    "Seventy" = 34
    "One" = 34
    "Goy" = 34

    "Claret Jug Two" = 70
    "Gay Hell" = 70
    "Second" = 70 <<< 2nd Open Win ?
    "Rors" = 70

    "Seventy" = 34
    "Area Code" = 34

    Area Code of 'Hell' Michigan = 734

    "Seven Hundred Thirty Four" = 119 <<< 119th US Open
    "Fifth Major July Twenty First" = 119
    "Gay Hell" = 119

    148th Open Championship:
    "Hundred Forty Eight" = 81, 207
    "McIlroy Victory" = 81, 207

    "A Fifth Major at The Open" = 911 S
    "Agenda Operation Title" = 911
    "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911
    "Reverse Digits Symbol" = 911 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  3. Michael Katon is a Blues rock guitarists who lives in Hell, Michigan. Has the song named diablo boogie. Reminds me of the Blue Devils symbolism https://youtu.be/-4sVLkT4heU

    1963:a two-day "fun festival" began with Satan's arrival by helicopter at "Satan's Hills"

    2011: A Guinness World Record was set for the longest parade of hearses

  4. Daniel Howell like Daniel “Hell”

    Then we get another Daniel who bought Hell. Wtf


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