Saturday, June 29, 2019

29 47 53 54 70 74 146 | Death of 9/11 fist responder, Luiz Alvarez, June 29, 2019

This news comes on the day the New York Yankees are going for their 53rd win over the Boston Red Sox in London Stadium

The Red Sox fell to 1-6 vs the Yankees by losing 2 games in London Stadium.  53, 16th prime

The man's name equates to United Kingdom.

*The scored ended up being 14-6 at one point, in the Yankees favor.

The Yankees picked up their 54th win by winning 2 in London.

This news comes on a Saturday.

This news comes on a date with 47 numerology as well.

6/29/2019 = 6+29+(2+0+1+9) = 47

Don't forget Building 7, 47-floors tall, and each floor having 47,000 s.f. of space

 Today is the 29th of the month, and has 29 date numerology as well.

6/29/2019 = 6+2+9+2+0+1+9 = 29

 Today is 74-days from September 11, 2019, and a date with 74 numerology as well.

6/29/2019 = 6+29+20+19 = 74


  1. "Deception"=91(English Ordinal)
    "9/11 Related Cancer"=91(Reverse Full Red.)
    91 is the 13th Triangular Number (13 Bavarian Illuminati)
    Father's Day 2019 on 6/16/2019 was 13 days as of 6/29/2019.

    "False Jews'=53(Reverse Full Red.) 53(5 x 3 =15)
    "29th Of June"=47(Full & Reverse Full Red.'s) 47 is the 15th prime
    "Graveyard"=47(Full Red.)

    "The Center For Disease Control"=296(English Ordinal)296/629, 6/29
    Superbowl LIII(53) was held in Georgia, where the Center for Disease Control is Headquartered.

  2. code nine one one = 137 - 241 reverse
    in the beginning = 137 - 241
    241 = 53rd prime

  3. "sexually fluid" = 180 RO.. today is the 180th day of the year..

  4. Order of chivalry, 89
    War against the Dragons๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‰=the same.

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  6. time machine, 55
    space vehicles, 55

  7. Here's a good one:
    Pixie Fay, 50
    non hostile = the same.(in the most accurate cipher)

    1. Cro-Magnons, 47
      escaped the lab, 47(uh-oh๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜…)

    2. Sorry,but I must say.....
      time machine,100

  8. Sliver Legion(creature) 147, 66 and 69(slivers)
    in the rivers, 147, 66 and 69

  9. Lost technology,64 and 188
    in the mountain,64 and 188

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