Friday, June 28, 2019

38 42 62 63 86 | Drug overdose of Dorothy Dandridge, September 8, 1965

This woman died 303-days after her 42nd birthday, and 62-days before her 43rd birthday.

Think about 42 and black history...

42 also connects to the feminine.

As for the date she died, the 251st day of the year, that is the 54th prime number, which connects to 'Venus', and 'Venus' connects to the feminine as well.

September 8 also leaves 114-days left in the year.

As for dying 62-days from her birthday...

Notice the 8-weeks and 6-days as well.  Blood Sacrifice = 86

And she died a span of 63-days before her 33rd birthday as well, and her cause of death was a 'drug overdose'...

Further, she died on a date with 38 numerology, September 8, 1965.

9/8/1965 = 9+8+1+9+6+5 = 38


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    1. You can't even do math! She was almost 43, not 33. WTF?

  2. Beamed up by non human, 77
    Boeing 777 MH370 = the same.
    Beamed up by UFO, 55
    Boeing 777, 55

  3. Mile wide UFO, 59
    Zeta Reticuli, 59

  4. Revelation, 49 and 59
    The Payseurs = the same.

  5. Order out of Chaos, 78
    shutdown of banks, 78

    1. "August Eleventh" = 180
      "Multiple Failure" = 180
      "Bank Shutdowns" = 180
      "Four Four Four" = 180
      "Bank Merge" = 180 <<< Illuminati Card Game

  6. In the year 2019, 63
    Alien invasion 👽, 63(in the most organic cipher)

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