Thursday, June 20, 2019

46 65 115 155 | Pennsylvania shooting at Deja Vu Nightclub in Allentown, June 20, 2019

An Allentown shooting on Thursday?

Of course the shots rang out at 1:55 AM when everyone was leaving.

That is the 115th minute of the day.

My guess is this riddle has something to do with Philadelphia.

6/20/2019 = 6+20+20+19 = 65

Is there a 115 in sports coming up?  Wink, wink.

More on the location gematria is as follows:


  1. Yo I live in suburban Allentown and coming to here was my first time hearing about this. It's about an hour outside of Philly.

    1. My band played the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown once.. It was a cool show because the people were actually moshing, and the promoter actually paid us.. As far as Allentown goes.. It seemed like a boring area lol

  2. "False Flag Deja Vu Nightclub Shooting" = 155(Single Reduction)
    "1:55 AM" = 155(Reverse Primes)
    "Allentown, Pennsylvania" = 155(Reverse Full Reduction EP)

    "False Flag Deja Vu Nightclub Shooting" = 223(Reverse Single Reduction EP)(Masonic)(The Synagogue of Satan)

    "DeJa Vu Club" = 115(Jewish Ordinal)(Freemasons)(Masonic)
    "Allentown, Pennsylvania" = 115(Single Reduction KV)

    "The Brainwashed" = 65(Full Reduction)

    "False Flag Nightclub Shooting" = 119(Full Reduction)(All Seeing Eye)(Star of David)(Master Plan)(No Time Left)(Orthodox)

    1. "10 People Shot Are Shot At Lounge" = 115(Full Reduction)

      "10 Wounded By Multiple Shooters" = 116(Full Reduction)
      "Allentown" = 116(English Ordinal)
      "Thursday" = 116(English Ordinal)

      "Ten Wounded" = 46(Reverse Full Reduction)
      "Allentown" = 46(Reverse Full Reduction)


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