Sunday, June 30, 2019

45 141 319 811 | Genoa Bridge towers demolished June 28, 2019

Read about the August 14, 2018 collapse of the bridge here:

*The latest demolition was 318-days, a span of 319 after the August 14 collapse.
*Masonic = 319

Read about the first February 8, 2019 demolition of the Morandi Bridge:

*The second demolition was 140-days later, or a span of 141.
*811, the 141st prime

Read about the "515" riddle with August 11, 2019:

The demolition was 44-days before August 11, 2019, or a span of 45-days.

Keep in mind they demolished the TWO TOWERS of the bridge, and Tisha B'Av, August 11, is to remember the destruction of the two temples.  When September 11, 2001 happened, it was 44-days after Tish B'Av in 2001.


  1. Twin cities / think about the Muslim communities
    In Minnesota. Omar

  2. So are you saying that twin buildings or things are demolished ritually, maybe even yearly, as a memorial or revenge for the demolition of the two temples?

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