Tuesday, June 25, 2019

24 29 42 44 89 | Etika found dead in East River, June 24, 2019

Read prior post on the numerical rituals surrounding Etika's mental health issues and disappearance. 

Desmond, better known as Etika, has reportedly died at age 29.


His body was recovered June 24, 2019, a date with 42 numerology...

6/24/2019 = 6+24+(2+0+1+9) = 42

Think about 42 and black history...

That was also a span of 44-days from his last birthday, May 12, 2019.

Keep in mind he disappeared on a 44 date, June 19, 2019.

6/19/19 = 6+19+19 = 44


As for being found on the 24th, that connects to the name 'Etika'.

89, the 24th prime


  1. "Desmond Etika Amofah"=322(Reverse Ordinal)322/223
    "Brooklyn, New York"=223(English Ordinal)
    New York is Tisha B'Av symbolism because of the destruction of the Twin Towers. Etika's alleged death is August 11th (223rd Day), Tisha B'Av, Golden Gate Bridge Symbolism.
    "Bridge Symbolism"=89(Reverse Full Red.)

    1. The Golden Gate Bridge where the Outside Lands Music Festival which begins on 8/9 (89) this year is connected to Tisha B'Av & Eid al-Adha through dates and Etika jumped off the Manhattan Bridge (Bridge Symbolism).
      "August 11"=19(Full Red.)
      "Etika"=19(Full Red.)
      Etika's belongings were found near the bridge on June 23rd. Which is a span of 1 month, 9 days (19) after the Actor Isaac Kappy jumped of a bridge (allegedly) in Phoenix, AZ. on May 14th.

      Also, Etika's older brother "Randy Amofah" died (allegedly) in New York on 10/31/2010(2010/2001), (Twin Symbolism/Twin Towers/Duality).
      "Twin Towers"=624(Reverse English Sumerian) 624, 6/24

    2. Earthquake=44
      1989 SF
      This kid looks like Kid & Play

      I think it’s NYC again. Captain Sully landed plane in the east river / those Muslim sisters found dead in the river / River Phoenix brother of the NEW joker
      Jo’s Kim phoenix

  2. "Forced Citizen Suicide" = 207
    "Dies at Twenty Nine" = 207
    "Hundred Forty Eight" = 207 <<< 148th Claret Jug?
    "A Tribute to Rory" = 207
    "Death by Suicide" = 207
    "McIlroy Victory" = 207

  3. Why the hell would "they" use a code to script events? Why not just alter events and news to fit their agenda, why also fit some numerical code that could be found out by people like you? This makes no sense man, it's a logical fallacy. You can find the same number relating to an event if you keep plugging in phrases and words related to it, that's just how it would work statistically. Its called confirmation bias. What about the ones you try that dont fit? Of course you're just going to list ones that seem to have a pattern.

  4. Im not saying there isnt an elite oppressing us, using propaganda and social control, but this gematria part makes no sense, what would the purpose be for them??

    1. Are you dumb? It says in the bible that satan is the master of numerology. Numerology connecting to events in real life is a sort of magic they use on the masses. They do it with sports stats/records, celebrity deaths, notice how when celebs die, it's usually 3 at a time. They always go in 3s. You put shit out into the universe enough, It manifests in the physical. That's why they always hit us with that predictive programming stuff like 9/11, the okc bombings, robin Williams death, ect. They want the world to end. Etika said it himself that he's leaving so they can usher in the anti christ.

      If you watch his interview with keemstar, keemstar seemed spooked after Etika told him this was meant to happen. All those years ago when he met him & made a deal. He said keem never wanted to follow back because it was like looking in the mirror, knowing that he was gonna die to make you rich & famous. Believe it or not but he was a sacrifice. The industry infiltrated platforms like youtube, twitch, social media years ago. That's why you have some people that blow up out of nowhere & become stars. It happens in all forms in the industry. Some people are chosen to be sacrificed to usher in the new age. its pretty chilling..

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    3. "NFL" = 66
      "Mock" = 66
      "Coded" = 66
      "Verse" = 66
      "Phony" = 66
      "Biblical" = 66
      "Scripted Sports" = 66
      "Bible of Stories" = 66
      "Signal Apostle Name" = 66

      "Prophecy" = 666
      "Sixty Six Books" = 666 S
      "Satanic Gematria" = 666 S
      "Scripted Agenda Signals" = 666

      "NFL" = 137 S <<< 33rd Prime
      "PIG" = 137
      "Win Magic" = 137
      "Fabricate" = 137
      "Story Line" = 137
      "NFL Symbols" = 137
      "Hoax Events" = 137
      "Satanic Cult" = 137
      "Mind Control" = 137
      "Pagan Rituals" = 137
      "Total Control" = 137
      "Halftime Show" = 137
      "Morals and Dogma" = 137
      "Military Entertainment Complex" = 137

      "NFL Points Tribute" = 911
      "Freemasonic Symbol" = 911
      "Operation Kill Goy" = 911
      "The American Idiot Goy" = 911
      "Illuminati Agenda Key" = 911
      "Trick the Mind of Goy" = 911
      "Coded Script of Numbers" = 911
      "Mind Control Operations" = 911
      "A Jihad in America Date" = 911
      "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack" = 911
      "Make America Great Again Operations" = 911


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