Thursday, June 27, 2019

The 2020 Presidential Campaign... that needs to happen...


The federal government subsidizes corn, sugar, meat and alcohol above all other food sources.  This is a food system geared to make people ill, purposefully, so they can be exploited my the medical industry and major pharmaceutical companies.  Worse yet, the US federal government actively keeps the people from knowing what is in their food and sabotages real science that exposes the wrongs of our agricultural system.  This is evil.

In turn, this system needs to be brought to an erupt end, and incentives need to be created to create local agriculture, and to help reduce the costs of organic produce.  When society adopts a plant based diet, healthcare costs will be drastically reduced and quality of life will be greatly improved.  Ultimately, this policy focus is about saving lives and resources, while also saving the world.


Our education system is outdated and failing all those who partake in it.  The path forward is simple.  There are six things that must be instilled in the young people of this world, and nothing more.  If these six things are taken care of, the rest will take care of itself.

a. Ethics - Children should learn the importance of being kind to one another, cooperating, and the benefits of a society that adopted these simple values.
b. Critical Thinking - If a person can critically think, they will be able to solve problems and make wise decisions for all of their life.  This is the most important thing a person can be taught, outside of good values and living by the golden rule.
c. Math - Math is essential and mastering the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can help a person make wise choices for all of their life, especially when it comes to making financial decisions.
d. Science - Understanding the sciences ensures the younger generations will continue to bring about innovations for the future.
e. Nutrition - Understanding the importance of the food we eat, and the way we treat our body will help the youth excel and reach their pinnacle, as well as live with a high quality of life.
f. Psychology - Learning about how we think and feel from a young age will help us understand ourselves better, as well as others around us.

FURTHER, the education system will be reformed, where K-8 will focus on mastering core competencies, while grades 9-12 will replace the 4-year university system.  In grades 9-12, children will chose their specialized path, such as; mathematics, science, English, engineering, history, nutrition, agriculture, etc., so that they can be ready to contribute to society and support themselves by the time they are 18-years of age.


For the past half century, science has urged humanity to get off of fossil fuels and move to renewable energy for the sake of the planet and everyone's quality of life.  The time is now to do it, because we have the technology and the ability to do so.  This can be achieved overnight with tax incentives and credits for investments in renewable energy, by households and businesses, such as solar, wind and geothermal.

Further, it is time to create modes of transportation that are environmentally friendly, accessible and affordable to users.  This includes high speed rail and electric trains that connect the nation, as well as metropolitan areas.  To encourage use of these modes of transportation, costs can be reimbursed through tax credits and other financial incentives.


The IRS and taxation of income goes against the values that the nation was founded on.  In turn, the IRS will be abolished and taxes will be collected through sales tax only.  THERE WILL BE NO SALES TAX ON FOOD.

Further, the private organization that is the Federal Reserve will be abolished and an entirely transparent oversight committee will be created to oversee the stability of the nation's money supply.


-No longer will the US military be used as the world's police force.
-No longer will false flags be carried out to deploy troops to strategic territories for corporate gain.
-War criminals will be investigated and prosecuted for carrying out false flags, such as the attack of September 11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing and more.
-All military spending will become 100% transparent.
-The military's budget will be decreased by 90%, possibly more.


-For profit prisons will be outlawed and abolished
-No more federal resources will be used for building prisons (we have too many)
-Resources will be invested to help rehabilitate prisoners and help them become successful members of society so that they can be released as early as possible

-No federal resources will be given to city and state police
-Rather than investing in police, a reactive force, resources will be invested in proactive systems that will help people be successful, so that they do not need to turn to crime to survive.  These systems include education, counseling and job and skills training.
-Drug addicts will not be incarcerated, they will receive counseling and treatment


From the freed up resources of the military budget, treatment programs for addicts will be created, as well as those suffering from mental afflictions.  Further, job and skills training programs will be established to help these people find ways to be productive and successful within society.  By taking care of the homeless, it will help society tremendously.  Just think about the people who live in fear each day of being stolen from by the homeless addicts that are growing in numbers in major cities, and even smaller towns, with each passing day.


The nation's youth each day are bombarded with advertisements, cartoons, candy, entertainment, and ultimately, things that do not inspire, but instead help create bad habits and values.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw the nation's leader address children, and speak to children on a regular basis, about life, and the things that make life great, and how they can contribute to making a better world?  Children need role-models, and the nation's leader should be a role-model who interacts with the youth regularly.


Making drugs illegal creates MAJOR incentive for profit by smuggling in outlawed substances, which leads to other problems, including theft and murder.  Thus, to end the incentive, and to wipe out all the other problems that come along with drug trafficking, all drugs will be legalized.

As a means of preventing drug abuse, children will be taught factual information about drugs, the good and the bad, and why it is important not to abuse, and how abuse truly can destroy lives.


All federal government programs that push propaganda for national and international purposes in the media will be ended, abruptly.


The federal government does not need to exist, and has proven to be an excessive and abusive force in the time of its existence, exploiting its own people as well as many other nations in the word, especially in the post World War II era.  In the United States, we have 50 state governments, and they are sufficient.  By getting back to state governments, it will allow people to more easily hold their governments accountable, and prevent the wrongdoings of years past, and the wrongdoings we're currently living out under this tyrannical federal government that now exists.   In the place of the federal government, there can be a national agreement of standards and accepted beliefs and rules that are easily shared by all.  These values can be brought about and agreed to by the nation's 50 state governors, and by the people who they represent.


We spend billions on Israel's military each year.  No more.  This nation terrorizes its neighbors and should be recognized as a terrorist state, which it is.


-Each year that a driver completes without an accident, they will qualify for a $5,000 tax credit.
-Each year that a working adult completes without owning and driving an automobile, they will be given a $20,000 tax credit.


The wealthiest Americans make their income through investment in the market, and pay nearly no taxes despite their incredible earnings.  The tax burden will be shifted from the working class, to the investor class, on a dime.  Ask yourself, why shouldn't we?


  1. Very good 9-point plan that needs implementing. Ethics Critical Thinking are particularly appealing. Immigration, so much in the news of late, is a distraction plus a no-brainer to any with sense. Zach would this issue done in an easy afternoon. He has my vote and firm support.

  2. Everyone living together under one controlled system that is a so called Government is not the answer. There are more problems than this, like individuals being taught to hate a certain Nation of people and then destroy them that is why this world is in a mess. Individuals being turned into Homosexuals through Psychological Operations, being told lies that they are born this way. Children don't need something called a role model they need Parents to take care of them and teach them right from wrong. The 613 Commandments that were stolen by the Synagogue of Satan are Laws the were inscribed into the Earth and the Fake JewISH and the alleged White Man has taken them and made some other madness called a Judicial System. This corrupt world is going to be destroyed so none of this matters anyway. No Male or Female is capable of ruling this Planet because this Planet does not belong to us.

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