Tuesday, June 18, 2019

John Cusack apologizes for tweeting an anti-Semetic meme, June 17, 2019

John Cusack is employed by these people...


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  1. John Cusack involved in a Synagogue Of Satan Masonic Hollywood Ritual for the upcoming "Tisha B'Av", that ends on August 11th this year.
    Cusack's DOB is the 28th of June and he will turn 53 (5 + 3=8).
    "Tisha B'Av"=28(Full Red.)
    "False Jews"=28(Full Red.)

    "False Jews"=53(Reverse Full Red.)

    "John Cusack"=57(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Masonic Rituals"=57(Full Red.)
    The divisors of 57 sum to 80(8).
    "Synagogue Of Satan"=80(Reverse Full Red.)


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