Monday, June 17, 2019

33 113 137 | Police kill man who opened fired at Dallas federal courthouse, June 17, 2019

This news comes June 17, or 6/17, similar to 617, the 113th prime.

The name of the shooter is Brian Isaack Clyde.


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    1. andrae you did it man. this is it. thankyou so much. I bless you in my prayers

    2. HW= 13 like ur superbowl 13 rematch prediction. fire!!!!

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    4. I've been paying attention to the Steelers and the Cowboys. Both Tomlin's and Garrett's contracts haven't been extended yet. My guess is that Pittsburgh and Dallas may play in the SB. I decoded these teams:
      It's been 41 years since Pittsburgh and Dallas played in Miami in Super Bowl 13
      Super Bowl=41
      Devin Bush=41
      Devin=27 (Steelers could possibly go 7-2)

      1. Steelers goes 3-1 against the Cowboys or 2-2.
      2. Ben could go 2-2 or 1-3 against Dallas.
      Remember Dallas scored 31 points in SB 13.
      SB 54 is a mirror of SB 45, when Pittsburgh lost to G.B. in Dallas.
      Devin Bush was selected #10 in the Draft. His number is 55 (5+5=10. Pittsburgh traded with Denver 10 spots to get him.)
      Narrative for the Steelers:
      1. Tomlin heavily criticized as a 'player's coach' not taken control of the locker room.
      2. Big Ben was heavily criticized for being a poor leader.
      3. Antonio Brown being traded to Oakland.
      4. LeVeon Bell's holdout in the 2018 season. Tomlin getting rid of the players that were considered a 'distraction'(similar to the offseason before the 78 Season where Noll got rid of players, who are considered a distraction).
      5. The Tree of Life Synagogue shooting
      Narrative for the Cowboys:
      1. Shootings that killed 2 Transgenders.
      2. DeMarcus Lawrence signed a $105 million contract with a $65 million guaranteed
      3. Garrett's contract haven't been extended.
      4. Jason Witten comes out of retirement.

    5. Dallas equals 41 also and if the cowboys play in the SuperBowl it would be since 1996 which would 24 years and 5 days since they last play against each other in the SuperBowl Cowboys rookie trysten hill equals 54 like SuperBowl 54 and trysten equals 31 in full reduction and 41 reverse reduction and trysten hill equals 63 in reverse full reduction like 6-3 like what the cowboys could become if they win the SuperBowl

    6. In other words Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Brady will be 6-3 in SBs

    7. If Pittsburgh and Dallas play in this year's Super Bowl

    8. Yeah if they play I think the nfl will try to have their own 666 with 3 teams with 6 Super Bowl trophies and if cowboys make it and win then they will be the 3rd team plus with most of the cowboys players Star they sign in the off season for a year it looks like yeah are building up for championship season especially for Jason witten last ride as a Cowboy

  2. So does Dallas in reverse ordinal and Cowboys equals 33 in reverse full reduction and plus Cowboys are in their 49th season going in their 50th season in January like Dallas in English ordinal and also Dallas in full reduction equals 13 also the SuperBowl date will on the 33rd day with 333 days left in the year plus with the cowboys having most players with one year contracts I’m thinking the cowboys will win this and give it will be a Jason witten SuperBowl farewell like Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning as Jason witten former quarterback will be Super Bowl broadcaster of the Super Bowl

    1. At the same time, the NFL won't let another Black QB win another SB. 🤷‍♂️

    2. I mean Dak Prescott is half black and the last black quarterback to win was Russell Wilson and that was only in 2014 and he went back to back only to win one of out two plus with the cowboys having most of their off season players they signed in the offseason for a year cowboys are gonna do something big this year plus with Jason witten re-retiring after this season

    3. It it seems that more black quarterbacks have won a SuperBowl then Hispanic quarterbacks

    4. You forgot one more thing: currently Pittsburgh is 2-0 against Dallas in Miami:
      SB 10-Steelers won 21-17
      SB 13-Steelers won 35-31

    5. Oh yeah I know if Dallas wins the SuperBowl the nfc east will have 14 Super Bowls all together and cowboys will be 6-3 but if they lose they will be 5-4 but if Steelers win they will be 7-2 but if they lose they will be 6-3 I think it will be a 666 Super Bowl it the cowboys win as they would the 3rd team to win 6 to be 666 with the patriots Steelers but this SuperBowl could go both ways as it has a lot of riddles for both teams and also Miami Florida equals 214 in reverse ordinal like Dallas area code and also like Ezekiel Elliott and dak Prescott Numbers together and looks like I was wrong about the Dallas 50th season their actually in their 59 season heading in their 60th this season

  3. You know crazy a 1 year old giraffe died today from a Dallas zoo and it’s name was after the cowboys tightend Jason witten which they named it witten it was 5 foot 9 and 130 pounds here’s the website I found it on

  4. I've noticed something with Pittsburgh under Ben Roethilsberger. Whenever Pittsburgh plays Oakland and lose, Pittsburgh wins 8 or 9 games that year and not make the playoffs:
    1. 2006 season (Cowher's final year)-lose to Oakland, goes 8-8, missed the playoffs.
    2. 2009 season-lose to Oakland, goes 9-7, missed the playoffs
    3. 2012 season-lose to Oakland, goes 8-8, missed the playoffs
    4. 2013 season-lose to Oakland, goes 8-8, missed the playoffs
    5. 2018 season-lose to Oakland, goes 9-6-1, missed the playoffs
    Only wins against Oakland were in 2010 and 2015. They made the playoffs.

    1. All the SuperBowl loses the cowboys lost to where all in Miami so they are 0-3 in Miami the only team they lost to that wasnt the Steelers was the colts which was super bowl 5 which was in 1971 which would be 49 years ago in 2020

    2. You mentioned the area code for Dallas is 214. Pittsburgh got the 412 area code.


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