Sunday, June 30, 2019

30 75 | Stephanie Grisham bruised in brawl with North Korean officials, June 30, 2019

Read prior decode on Trump's visit to North Korea here:

Adding to the 75 ritual with Trump's visit to North Korea, is the latest about Stephanie Grisham, the new White House press secretary.

6/30/2019 = 6+30+20+19 = 75

Notice how they emphasize 'an all out brawl'.

Notice Grisham will be the 30th Press Secretary and this news comes on the 30th of June.


  1. Adolf Hitler, 56
    Hollow Earth 🌎, 56(and not by accident)

    1. Teleportation system, 118
      Main elevator to Hollow Earth🌎, 118(in the most accurate cipher again)

  2. Below the White House, 223
    The Synagogue of Satan, 223

  3. Council of 12, 47
    peace treaty, 47
    Queen's palace = the same.

    1. Andromeda Galaxy, 80
      peace treaties, 80

    2. Castle🏰on another world 🌎,89
      Princess Zelda is real, 89
      89 is the 24th Prime.
      Sun Gate is 24(in the same Full Reduction cipher)

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