Friday, June 21, 2019

6 13 24 36 | Canada makes history with SIX Canadian players taken in NBA Draft, 2019

After the Toronto Raptors won in Game SIX, SIX Canadians are drafted in the NBA.

The only thing more in your face than that, was all the players who had already lost a parent, as they discussed, on draft night.

Again, Canada won the NBA Finals for the first time after 24 seasons of the Raptors.

24 is 2+4 = 6

The Warriors won the championship on the 24th day of Gemini.

They won it on June 13, or 13/6.  13, the 6th prime

By the Raptors winning in Game 6, they kept the Warriors to 36 wins at Oracle for 2018-19.

Keep in mind it was the last NBA game in Oracle.


  1. There are heavy riddles involving France.

    1. UFC 226 Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic. July 7, 2018.Daniel Cormier has a French last name and was born in Louisiana, becomes 22-1 over Stipe Miocic has Croatian parents.. ahead of the 21st World Cup final.

    2. 21st World Cup France defeats Croatia 4-2 (total of 6 points) Belgium took 3rd 2-0 over England. The French and Belgians have an ongoing dispute about where fries were invented and both win after national French fry day and Bastille day.

    3. 114th World Series Boston Red Sox defeat the LA Dodgers. The Dodgers making an appearance in the WS would signify the French due to their colors (dodger blue is code like les Bleus) and back in 2009 former CEO Jaime McCourt is now the ambassador of France.

    3. Now they have two more “French” teams win championships, the St. Louis Blues for hockey and the Toronto Raptors for basketball.

  2. France been in Canada for a minute.. look up -French colonization of the Americas.

  3. France owned the previous record with five in 2016*

  4. So say that again? All of the young players have lost at least one parent by death? Statistically speaking, impossible, unless there is a reason to cause the parents of athletes to die sooner than the total population, say because athletes live by dangerous chemical plants disproportionately against the rest of the population, which, of course, is not the case, but unless there is a correlation between this group of peoples and the population, seeing the death of one parent by all six draft picks is statistically impossible. You know what the real reason is, of course.

  5. I'm almost done reading Letters and Numbers. Your book got my mind racing like a leading horse at a fixed Kentucky derby. I should have bet my mortgage money the raptors get the NBA titles this year.

    Ok this is based on more than the 4 basic ciphers but still:

    we the north 55
    point guard 55
    Kawhi dob numerology 6+29+1+9+9+1=55!!
    game winner 55
    game winning 55

    Jurassic park 47
    Kyle Lowry 47
    Masai Ujiri 47

    Masai Ujiri the Raptors GM.
    This "genius" who "bet" on Kawhi was born July 7th...1970! 7 7 7

    Basketball Business 777!!! (Jewish gematria)

    He's half Nigerian half Kenyan.

    Nigerian 77 (July 7th-7/7)
    Kenyan 70 (1970)
    ...on the 188th day
    which leaves....177 days in the year!!

    NBA title 29
    Kenyan 29

    Adam Silver thanked Oakland for hosting the Warriors all these years.

    Adam silver 41
    Oakland 41

    game winning shot 79
    Masai Ujiri 79

    Kawhi Leonard 58
    Oakland 58

    (Kawhi won>>) game six 33
    (grew up in >>) Compton 33

    Game six 39
    Drake 39!

    Toronto aka "the 6" area code is 416.

    'four one six' 146 56 124 52
    Jurassic park 146 47 178 88
    Kyle Lowry 146 47 97 43

    four one six 52
    nba champions 52
    nba title 52
    They won game 6 for "The 6" in California.

    california 52
    lowry dob is 3+25+1+9+8+6=52

    Nice overlap between Ujiri the Nigerian and Kawhi's alma mater.

    nigerian 77 50 139 49
    san diego state 139 49 212 77

    The Six has a reverse ordinal of...77!!!

    Kawhi "the claw" Leonard's overlap.

    leonard trade 117 54 207 72
    'the claw' 72 27 117 36

    the claw 36
    TRADE date numerology 7+18+(2+0+1+8)=36

    leonard trade 207
    trade date numerology 7+1+8+2+0+1+8=27

    The Warriors Gm fakes fake tears better than Durant fakes an injury. The headline after game 6...

    We the north= 134

    181 is 42th prime.

    Steve Kerr 123 42 120 57
    Nick Nurse 114 42 129 57
    Bill Russell 141 42 156 75 (reflection)

    Adam silver 67
    Bill russell dob numerology 2+12+19+34=67
    67 is 19th prime

    Between Bill Russell dob and game 6 on June 13th= 121 days
    Kawhi Leonard 121
    divisors of 121 sums to 133.
    NBA title = 133
    Kyle lowry dob 3+25+19+86=133

  6. Canada(6-letters)

    "Gemini" = 24(Septenary)

    "Record" = 36(Full Reduction)


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