Friday, June 21, 2019

21 66 75 118 144 191 | E. Jean Carroll accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault in Bergdorf Goodman store, June 21, 2019 news

E. Jean Carroll is known for her column 'Ask E. Jean'.

This news comes on the 21st, a date with 66 numerology.

6/21/2019 = 6+21+20+19 = 66

Funny how the name of the store goes with the name of the book.

This news comes 191-days after her 75th birthday.

The name of the store where the sexual assault reportedly happened sums to 144, like 'Jesuit Order'.

Don't forget Trump's visit with the Jesuit Pope, May 24, 2017, the 144th day of the year.

Keep in mind Carroll is 75-years-old.

And for the record, she is Agent 118.


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  2. This story is a 322 Skull & Bones Masonic Ritual for the "Summer Solstice" that occurred on the 21st Of June.
    "Moon"=21(Full Red.)The 21st prime is 73 (7 x 3 =21)
    Trump turned 73 on the 14th of June (6 + 1+4 + 1+9=21)
    "Summer"=73(Reverse Ordinal)
    Summer Solstice means the days will last longer during Summer months.
    "Summer Solstice"=191(English Ordinal)191 is the 43rd prime
    E. Carroll was born in the year "43".
    "Masonic"=43(Reverse Full Red.) 43 ( 4 + 3 =7)
    "Solstice"=43(Jewish Red.)
    "Sexual Assault"=1118(Jewish) 1118, 11/18- November 18th is the 322nd day of the year, leaving 43 days remaining.
    322 (3+2+2=7) - Trumps 73rd bday on 6/14 to 6/21 is a span of 7 days.

    1. "August 11th Ritual"=191(Jewish Ordinal)
      "August 11th Ritual"=1118(Jewish)

  3. Zach check this story out if you get a chance. There was a big oil refinery explosion in Philly on Friday. It syncs with the Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney's Birthday and name Gematria.

    This is the second fire there this month.
    To me it is just funny that one of the largest refineries on the east coast has two fires in one month, the major fire/explosion was on the summer Solstice around 4am like the 4 that were treated for minor injuries. An explosion that big and no one was reported to have died?

    Plus within hours it was reported that gas prices would jump 4%. Plus all the news of war with Iran that will drive gas prices up.

    Just sounds like a load of shit from our owners

  4. 90's Sexual Assault" = 191(Jewish Ordinal)

    "Elizabeth Jean Carroll" = 118(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Accusation" = 118(ALW Kabbalah)

    "Elizabeth Jean Carroll" = 66(Chaldean)

    "Unacceptable Behavior" = 75(Chaldean)
    "New World Order" = 75(Full Reduction)
    "Order Out Of Chaos" = 75(Full Reduction)

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