Sunday, June 16, 2019

33 57 78 | Nav Bhatia, the Raptors super fan & Toronto's 2019 NBA Finals championship

He had the numbers, old Nav Bhatia.


  1. This is like Walter Piene who wished for the Astros to win the 113th World Series.

    In an interview they mentioned that Walter is 47 years younger than major league baseball itself

    The name Walter Piene equals to ‘Wish Granted’ in all 4 base ciphers and fits the riddle perfect... became a fan of the Astros ever since.

    1. Walter Piene x Astros interview

  2. astros winning 113th World Series would later connect to Justify becoming the 13th triple crown winner.
    Astros were called the colt. 45s
    Justify ‘the colt’ with 4/5 odds and Mike Smith wore a China star uniform 🇨🇳 Before winning.
    The star like the Astros logo.

    the astros logo.. the big H and the Star behind it.. i think it’s about the hydrogen bomb


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