Thursday, August 15, 2019

34 35 63 | Bryce Harper's walk-off grand slam, August 15, 2019, the day after the Philadelphia 'shootout'

Yesterday we discussed the connection between the Philadelphia shooting, the Philadelphia Phillies and Bryce Harper.  We also talked about how the shooter had a name connecting to 'World Series', and was synced with as many days to the start of the World Series.

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5-7 score tonight.

The shooting and Phillies 11-1 win was 69-days to the start of the World Series.

This came a span of 63-days from Harper's 27th birthday.  MLB = 27; Major League Baseball = 63

He did this against the Cubs.

The Phillies picked up their 63rd win of the season tonight.

Read about their new hitting coach:

Harper's at-bat was the 34th for the team.  And the shooting was on a date with 34 numerology.

8/14/2019 = 8+14+(2+0+1+9) = 34

It was a 'walk-off'.  This actually happens a lot, the 34th team at-bat.

The grand slam was August 15, a date with 35 numerology.

8/15/2019 = 8+15+(2+0+1+9) = 35

ALSO, notice the walk-off came on the 139th pitch of the game.

139, the 34th prime

The shooting was on August 14, the day leaving 139-days left in the year.

Mathematics.  Pays.

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