Sunday, August 18, 2019

38 83 228 | Cedric Benson's last Instgram posts, 'Legends Never Die'

83 posts?  Seriously?  Don't even get me started on the 181 following... 

Read about the song from 1983, Murder by Numbers, and the film, from decades later:

He died a span of 228-days from posting the Legends Never Die image, January 2, 2019.

Read the prior decode on his death:

The news of his death came August 18, 2019, a date with a life lesson number of 38.

8/18/2019 = 8+18+(2+0+1+9) = 38


  1. If you check his wikipedia it says he died on RM 2222 (Ranch to Market Road 2222). Super Bowl on 2/2/2020.... 2222

    1. Twenty two=42
      Brady age 42 was listed as 22 years old

  2. Legends never die= 76,77,148.
    Seventy six= 45,54.
    Seventy seven= 49, 149.

  3. CB32= 10,10,54,18

    Garoppolo is #10.

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  5. The big 10 conference divisions are named in 2010
    The same year Cedric Benson won the “ED Block “ award

    Notice the award is in honor of Preventing “ Child abuse “

    I totally understand Benson played in the Big 12
    But it’s all part of the lesser magic of Pizza Gate / Epstein/ Catholic Church

    “Legends” “Leaders” =58
    Freemasonry =58

  6. His most recent post is a white horse. Broncos? Cowboys? Might be related to those teams as well.

    Also I'm reminded that the only player with more yards at Texas was Ricky Williams, who played for the Saints and Dolphins. Same day Cedric dies we get the deaths of New Orleans governor and news reporter. Super bowl in Miami... Riddles for dayyys

    1. Oh! The white horse, and the governor lady's name was BLANCO, Spanish for White

    2. Interesting because the dog is next to the white horse. Could be Saints/Browns. BLANCO like BRONCO is there too. I am sold on Saints vs Raiders/Browns/Broncos.

    3. saints vs colts/pats/chargers bro... you need to get keen to this.

  7. Colts have had blue or white horse in the past..haven't googled images yet. No, I dont think the Colts or Denver matter this year. Kc had a white horse too. So did Texas teck, I think? And FSU


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