Thursday, August 15, 2019

42 | If the Phillies can win 42 more times... NBC, August 14, 2019

Save this article... it was written after the Phillies picked up their 61s win of the season, April 14, 2019, the day of the shooting incident in Philadelphia.


  1. you mean August 14, not April

  2. Back to the FLAG =82
    Tisha Bav=82

    Which league can get to 28 AFC or NFC 😂

    I don’t fucking need a donation!

    Philly dilly

  3. Eagles vs chiefs would be the right match up !

    Shame Andy Reid 😁😁😁 who began career in 82 🤫

    Why do you guys think Mahomes on the cover ??

  4. Brady’s first win super bowl 36
    Brady is 6-3
    His career is over!!!
    Began vs rams ended vs rams the GOAT is done ✅

    1. I agree, Brady is done winning rings. He already came full circle his first sb and last against the sacrificial Rams.

      Chiefs with the sophomore and Madden curse ain't winning either.

  5. Philly has got get the wildcard to even get in. They then have to pull upset after upset against the most dominate teams we've seen in recent years. This is same guy who picked Seattle Mariners to win it all preseason. Don't trust this guy.

    1. Same guy who picked Cubs in spring training the year they won. Same guy who picked Philly/Pats in week 3. Same guy who picked Cavs when they were down 3-0 to come back. And same guy that has called false flags and celebrity death like Prince and Mohammed Ali before they died. Your an idiot!

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