Sunday, August 4, 2019

44 48 93 101 | Alice Olive, Christopher Cook & George Cook survive Garlic Festival & Las Vegas shootings

This is not happening again = 123; Conspiracy = 123

Here we go again is right.  Where's Mason Wells when you need him?

This story was produced August 1, 2019, a date with 48 numerology.

 8/1/2019 = 8+1+20+19 = 48

Notice the overlap with Alice Olive and propaganda.

The name Christopher Cook also fits in.

Recall, the 'Sin City' shooting at 'Mandalay Bay' resort came just after Yom Kippur fell on the day leaving 93-days left in the year, September 29.  Saturn = 93 (Connected to death and judgement)

Recall, Yom Kippur is about atonement for your sins.

Don't forget the 13 on Paddack's neck.

And then that last guy, George Cook...

The Vegas shooting was October 1.... it was a casino related shooting with 'J.A.'. on the stage.

J. = 10; A. = 1

 And of course, the name 'Cook' sums to 44.

Read about the Vegas and Gilroy shootings being a span of 666-days apart:

Read about Mason Wells, survivor of 3 terrorist attacks: 

And then there were these two who survived Aurora and Sandy Hook...

And there were those who survived Vegas and the LA Thousand Oaks shooting...


  1. I'm surprised the shooting wasn't at the Olive Garden.

    1. Distance from Dayton to Canton home of the hall of fame is 3 hours 3 minutes driving on I-71 😂

  2. Today is Obama #44th birthday 🎂

    And Meghan Merkle

  3. FBI director has talked about white supremacy as being the #1 threat in America
    Cristopher Wray ties to 88

    He also resembles Steve Martin comedian
    Born 1945 age 73

    1. @ Ram Obama the 44th President
      BTW GMA steponopolis said
      Americans make up 4.4 million of the gun violence
      World wide that’s 42% 😂.
      3 of the mass shootings were members of 8 Chan

      All by the numbers coincidence

  4. Funny how olive, garlic and cook go well together. Surprised there is no "pan" and "pasta," or whatever garlic and olive oil go well with. It's like as if someone cooked up something. Man. Sometimes the names alone make you go "what, for real?"

  5. Wow what a mockery

  6. August First like 81?

    "Ritual" = 81, 81
    "Actor Name Initials C.C." = 81

    Date Numerology:
    08 + 01 + 20 + 19 = 48

    "Signal a Hoax" = 48
    "Hoax Actor" = 48
    "False Info" = 48
    "Hoax" = 48

  7. El Paso mall - Gateway Blvd.

    Dayton - Gates St.

    Poway - Gateway HQ

    Charleston - "Gateway Walk"


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