Sunday, August 4, 2019

38 46 67 73 74 83 115 206 | Cliff Branch, former Raider, found dead in a hotel room, August 3, 2019

As expected, we have a football death on August 3 (I have a book about this...).

August 3 can be written 8/3 or 3/8, like 83 and 38.

He was a member of the Raiders.

He died a span of 38-days from the Raiders opener against the Colorado team, the Denver Broncos, and Colorado is the 38th state.

Notice the mention of his 1983 accomplishment below.  Also notice how the year's '67 and '74 are brought up.  It is sick.

The names Clifford and Branch connects to 'sacrifice'.

He was found dead in Bullhead City, Arizona.

The city is on the 35th parallel north.  Satan = 35; Baphomet = 35; Svengali = 35

He died 2-days after his 71st birthday.


  1. Cliff played for a California team and died just after a cliff collapse in California?

  2. RatCliff withdraws
    Cliff collapse in SD
    Clifford ranch dies

    T.I. Is Named Clifford , interesting ATL just lost on Thursday night football and Dolphins nick bonaconti
    Dead at 85.

    Dolphins play the falcons on 8/8


  3. Lots of "cliff" symbology this year. Some people have jumped from cliffs or off tall buildings. Talk about why the guy was at a hotel. What did he die of?


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