Sunday, August 4, 2019

38 67 74 83 122 | Death threats from (303) 495-8798, August 3, 2019

First this person texted a picture of a black cat in a bathtub...

Then they began texting 'so shall it be' numerous times, then 'you owe me' numerous times, then countless threats on my life.

Interestingly, the texts came after the video I did on Mark Passio.

It could be a coincidence.

I wonder how this person got my main number though.  They didn't text the gematria hotline.

IMPORTANT:  These texts were sent the night of August 3, or 8/3, or 3/8, from a Colorado area code.  Keep in mind Colorado is the 38th state.

Death threats on 3/8?

163, the 38th prime


  1. Take care of yourself, Zach. Lots of evil people out there, the kind you expose all the time. Maybe Passio is not that into truth as you might think. Keep the good work. I will pray for your safety. God bless you.

  2. Hey Zach when you called Passio show, did you use your personal phone?

  3. "Harassment" = ** 118 ** eo

    "Black Cat In a Bathtub" = 119 rr
    "Black Cat In A Tub" = 96 rr

    Apparently the picture does have meaning ... ? :D ;D

  4. 84 days to black cat day.,_prejudice,_bringer_of_good_or_bad_luck you were just talking about the 84. Today is 8/4 and all.

    1. that's the ireland/great Britain day. In america it's August 17th. 13 days later. 13 another "bad luck" connotation

    2. Also 88 days to Halloween today. Black Cats and Halloween trace back to the Druid festival for the Lord of the Dead according to one source. Held on the same day as modern Halloween. GeoCosmic Rex did a nice presentation on how Halloween which is celebrated in various forms worldwide probably is due to a yearly meteor shower known as the taurids that appeared to originate from the Pleiades. The taurids still exist but have greatly diminished. He also talks about how comets resemble brooms... as a reason for brooms being associated with halloween. Is interesting about Saoirse that she was born in 1997 near the perihelion of probably of the largest comet in recent history the Hale-Bopp comet

    3. 88 days = 2 months 27 days = 227 pi code history repeating itself

  5. Ill call whoever it is and tell them if they fuck with you then they fuck with all of us. If anything happens we'll track them down and pay a visit.

  6. Ill call whoever it is and tell them if they fuck with you then they fuck with all of us. If anything happens we'll track them down and pay a visit.

  7. That really sucks if it has anything to do with him. People should be working together not crap like that.

    1. Cone on truthseekers. We knew this Passio guy was CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.. Anyone that won't touch the 3rd rail should raise red flags.

  8. It could be something with "Halloween"=41. Black Cat...Your Thoughtful Airman and I have been following a big thing with Halloween for a while now. We even talked about Dana Carvey months ago in regards to Ross Perot and Wayne's World. Mike Myers(Michael Myers) and Carvey is in "Halloween II". The Aurora shooting on 2/15 was important to Wayne's World which is set in Aurora, Illinois. Aurora is important to Batman...Donald Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair. That's why Slipknot is so important in regards to playing the Iowa State Fair on 8/10. Their new Album title comes from a lyric in the single they released on Halloween 2018. A whole lot more, but Halloween has been standing out.

    1. Europe finall Brexit is Halloween ... Great Britain out of EU.

  9. Can we see the picture and the messages?

  10. They fuck w you,THEY FK W US!!

  11. They fuck w you,THEY FK W US!!

  12. They fuck w you,THEY FK W US!!

  13. Stay strong brotha! We got your back man..

  14. August Third like 83?

    "Text Threat is Not Real" = 83
    "Saints Second Victory" = 83
    "Superbowl LIV Signal" = 83
    "Winner [New Orleans]" = 83
    "Gamble on Saints" = 83
    "Football" = 83
    "Winner" = 83

    "So Shall it Be" = 122, 118 K
    "Gamble" = 122

    "Picture of Black Cat in Bathtub" = 264
    "Sunday August Eleventh" = 264

    "Death Threat Text" = 179
    "Nine Hundred Eleven" = 179

    "New Orleans Championship Win" = 303 <<<<< Wary Phunny
    "Mocking SPorts Fans" = 666
    "Three Zero Three" = 666 S
    "Prophecy" = 666

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  16. "Mark Passio" = 122
    "A Masonic Agent" = 122
    "So Shall it Be" = 122
    "Masonic Hoax" = 122
    "Marty Leeds" = 122
    "Fraudulent" = 122
    "Esoteric" = 122
    "Decoding" = 122
    "Fiction" = 122
    "Riddle" = 122
    "False" = 122
    "Bitch" = 122

    The 122nd Prime is 673:

    "Match These Codes" = 673
    "Human Programming" = 673 <<< 122nd Prime
    "Special Operations" = 673

    122 + 221 + 212 = 555

    "Five Five Five Code" = 2222
    "Triangulate Gematria Cyphers" = 2222
    "Hoax by the U.S.A. Government" = 2222
    "Re-Election of President Donald Trump in Twenty Twenty" = 2222

  17. Jason Bickford texted death threats to you, weird?

  18. Polarization Nation Media.

  19. this dude is doxxing u on youtube

    1. That dipshit has the wrong Zach Hubbard


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