Friday, August 16, 2019

96 | Andy Dalton's 96-yard pick six, August 15, 2019 & ESPN's 33-second clip

Bengals = 33
Washington D.C. = 137 (33rd prime) 

As covered, even the preseason is scripted like the regular season.

Andy Dalton plays for Cincinnati.  This year, Super Bowl 54 is 96-days from his birthday.


  1. Fine example of flinging poop against the wall. Just in case it sticks.

    1. That doesn't mean he's implying Bengals have anything to do with super bowl. Dalton b day can connect to another team and his numbers can connect to another city. Washington DC is connected to Patriots. 33 = orange, and can connect to Browns= ohio. Andy Dalton birthdays ( his original birth day and his current one), have 54 ,22 , and 49 involved. These are the clues, not Dalton and the Bengals themselves

  2. More importantly Zach(leave sports alone)

    Andy Dalton birthday is 54 days after the start of the season

    1. Which may mean things he does or numbers he gets are associated to/connected to other teams/cities. Not to him or the Bengals directly.

    2. Monitor his actions/stats etc during the year. You might think differently after. California is linked to ohio. Cincinnati is linked to San Francisco. His birthday is linked to 49, 22, 54. Dalton was born in Texas too. May be Cowboys connections there

    3. Andrew Gregory Dalton = 100 He'll probably have a good year and clues to SB 54

  3. Who's everyone got their eyes on for WS? I'm actually thinking Cleveland. Especially with Carrasco and his leukemia story. Storybook ending, feel good story of the year. What yall think?

    1. We talked about on another blog

  4. What’s Daltons nickname?
    What’s the nickname given to Cincinnati?

    There’s you’re answer... and the ROCKETS RED glare BOMBS busting in air.

    Just when you thought Trump was pulling out of Afghanistan it’s WAR time ladies

    Purge Election 2020! Better get your ammo

    Red rocket=118 πŸ˜ˆπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    1. Yo bro, it's red rifle, per profootballreference. = 50,49. Cincinnati is connected to SF as well.

  5. "Nicholson's Pick Six" = 96(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Pick 6 For 96-Yard TD" = 96(Reverse Full Reduction)

    This occurred on the 227th day of the year.

    "Nicholson's Pick 6 For 96" = 227(English Ordinal)

    This was 154-days after Pi Day on 3/14.

    "Nicholson's Pick Six For Ninety Six" = 154(Full Reduction)

    Montae Nicholson made this play a span of 112-days from his birthday.

    "Nicholson's Pick 6 For 96" = 112(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Super Bowl" = 112(Reverse Ordinal)

    #35 made the highlight reel on August 15.

    "August 15, 2019" = 35(Full Reduction)

    Cincinnati won with 23-points on 8/15(8+15 = 23), and Nicholson is currently 23-years of age.

    "Redskins" = 54(Reverse Full Reduction)


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