Friday, August 16, 2019

61 135 316 | The Biblical numbers of Bryce Harper's August 15, 2019 Grand Slam

Bryce's Harper's first walk-off home run since May 13, 2017, helped the Philadelphia Phillies end a 316-game losing streak when trailing in the 9th by 5 or more runs.

Jesus Christ = 316 (Hebrew)
The letter written to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation...

Jesus = 61; Philadelphia = 61; Church = 61; Bryce Harper = 61

May 13 can be written 13/5, like 135.

Read about Bryce Harper and his signing with the Phillies 135-days from his birthday, where 135 is the "Philly" number.


  1. "Philadelphia" = 223
    Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney had been in office for 3 years, 223 days. Bryce Harper hit his home run at exactly 322 months old.
    The shooter was named "Maurice Hill" = 666. "Number of the Beast" = 724 Jewish, "Bryce Harper" = 724 Jewish, and his grand slam was 724 days after the Great American eclipse.


  2. What a fuckin ritual this was eh? Charlie Manuel, 2008 world series winner with the Phills, gets in good at hitting coach few days ago, then they swipe the Cubs out of the shithole Philly is, with extra cheese sauce. Yes this was ritualistic in my eyes because those bars have been very sucky. And they will probably get everyone talking this weekend... Then kicked out of the wildcard race by a hair. They keep them down all year but then once an old timer coach comes back they blow up the score. C'mon maaaann


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