Friday, August 16, 2019

47 | Aquaman, December 21, 2018

The story:  A king says that 4 of the 7 water kingdoms need to unite to fight the threat of the land humans.  He cannot persuade the majority of the 7 kingdoms, so he hires an earthling to hijack a human sub, and attack an underwater kingdom, so as to persuade the other kingdoms to fight back against the land dwellers (thus, a false flag attack).

This is another film that puts the truth of the world, in a comic package.


  1. Zach, I called in on the radio show back in January telling you about this movie.

  2. Just had an Aquarius full moon on 8/15. Dan has talked about that as a date important to "France" = 47. And I Did a blogpost on Aquaman a while back taking about how the film pointed to France's president Emmanuel Macron born on 12/21 the day of the film's release. I did some manipulations and used some ciphers I don't do or use anymore but still some nice stuff there I believe.

  3. There are two Aquarius players in the Cincinnati Masters finals tomorrow. Madison Keys of America and Daniil Medvedev of Russia. There are two Russians in the finals. Medvedev(Men) and Svetlana (Women)


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