Wednesday, August 7, 2019

US Colonel says IDF (Israeli Defense Force) did majority of sniping of US troops in Middle East wars



  1. A lot of those might've been blamed as attacks by Iraqis or Afghanis they were working with, known as --
    "Blue On Green" = ** 118 ** attacks

    Recall the 6/8/67 "USS Liberty Attack" = 109 rr = 19
    IDF = 19 eo, 19 red

    And their motto --
    "Wage War By Deception" = 196 eo, *88 red
    "Sniping" = *88 eo
    "IDF Waging War By Deception" = 123 red
    "Conspiracy" = 123 eo

    Somehow this is not surprising, since our troop trainers have struggled for years, trying to get the Iraqi & Afghani forces to engage in the most basic of physical training ... let alone learn how to shoot straight.
    Superior marksmanship & stealth techniques could definitely have originated from a covert source ... :D ;D

  2. "Israeli Defense Forces" = ** 118 ** rr
    Also --
    A tie-in with Dayton, Ohio's Sister City of --
    "Holon, Tel Aviv District, Israel" = 123 red
    "IDF Waging War By Deception" = 123 red
    :D ;D

  3. DC Sniper=88 =7= Head in a box

    Remember Kathy Griffin ?
    Remember all those decapitations by Al Queda videos ?
    Notice 10 decapatated goats in the Georgia River ?

    Head of state=50
    America =50

    Take a look at 50 cent and Trump headline

  4. Ah . . . Nobody does more important work than you, Zach. Except for maybe Brendon O'Connell, whom I've repeatedly told you to get into contact with; at the minimum look at his content. Yet here you are with a video taken from his shut down YouTube channel. People are catching on to you shadow banning btw.


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