Sunday, September 1, 2019

22 36 79 | Seth Aaron Ator identified as Odessa, Texas gunman of August 31, 2019 +September 1 news

More than 15 locations?  47, the 15th prime

The shooter's name has been released September 1, 2019, a date with 22 numerology.

9/1/2019 = 9+1+2+0+1+9 = 22

On this date, they've boosted the injured to 22.

As for him being 36-years-old, remember, he was killed at the 'Cinergy' Theater in Odessa.

More on the gematria of Seath Aaron Ator is as follows:

Freemasons = 155 / 56
Murder = 34; Gun Control = 139 (34th prime)
Death = 20
49 date numerology
Jesuit Order = 54
Ritual = 27

Let us not forget, yesterday they reported 2-shooters in 2-vehicles, before it became just 1, again.


  1. I can't point at a complete specific but his name broken down is a season/super bowl clue.
    Aaron: the fact is, there's a 49 in there :)

  2. Unrelated: Laquon Treadwell was released from Vikings. I think his bio and stats, including college, suggest super bowl clues. He may get picked up by a certain team like Pats. In 2016, when he was drafted.. and told he'd be with Viking good players, he said- sounds like a Super Bowl to me- that may apply to now and who he goes to. Although sports world thinks he sucks

  3. Ator. So close to "actor." If he is even real. Killed in a movie theater. Ha, ha. 7 killed 22 injured. So they got their pi number going now 22/7. "A circumference of a circle" 196. "Seth Aaron Ator" 196. Now that last bit seems like a really stupid correlation on my part.


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