Monday, September 2, 2019

25 29 34 50 74 322 | Several dead in boat fire off California coast, September 2, 2019 news +Catastrophic Damage from Dorian headline

Today is September 2, or 2/9.

Fire = 29
Boat = 25; Fire = 25 

Today has 50 date numerology as well.

9/2/2019 = 9+2+20+19 = 50

The media have us focused on two ocean stories, from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

And notice the emphasis on 'catastrophic damage' in regards to Dorian, summing to 74 and 322.

Hurricane = 74 (In Hebrew)
Qualifying wind speeds for a hurricane are 74 MPH


  1. 25 days from today to the Jesuit Order’s birthday, 9/27.

  2. "Several Dead in Fire, Officials Say" = 282
    "Hoax by the USA Government" = 2222, 282


    I do think Garoppolo contract signing comes into play this year. His first season, he helped the team get to 6-10.
    His first series in preseason was 1 for 6 for 0 yards. 137.5 adds to 16.

  4. Boat Fire = 50, and today has 50 numerology.

    1. California hosted the 50th SB. Fire =California, Boat = Miami...yes, that's kind of abstract :)

    2. 34 points was scored in SB 50,..24-10 =6-1,.
      Garoppolo went 1 for 6 for 0 yrds in his first preseason series :)

    3. Last year 9.2.2018, added to 49, 22. I think there's something to be said about connecting past same days of previous years. Because SB 50 was in 49ers stadium and 49, 22 will play heavily into this coming season IMO

    4. I've been seeing a decent bit of 50 around, honestly.

      Example: Neal casal (musician) "committed suicide" at age 50, 3 days after his last concert with a band called 'circles around the sun'. This band became famous whe the grateful dead had their 50 year reunion.

      "circles around the sun" = 229, the 50th prime.

      This also connects to California, like this story, because the grateful dead came out of San Francisco.
      San Francisco = 50.

      2 of the grateful deads 5 reuinion concerts were in California, where the 49ers play, Levi's stadium. Which actually is in Santa Clara, not San Francisco.

      So truthfully, his death may very well tie in with this story, and the 49ers and stuff.

    5. One of the grateful deads lyricists also died right after sb52, and right around when garapolo signed that 137.5m contract.

      Jerry garcia was absolutely a sacrifice for the 49ers sb win in 1995. So, if we see another one of the grateful dead original members go down, I'm fairly certain it will tie to sports in some way, too.

  5. The local news(ktla channel 5) here kept saying 33 were missing and 5 are alive . Also the boats name is “conception”. - 51red.

  6. “The #Colts and QB Jacoby Brissett have agreed to terms on a 2-year extension worth $30M, source said. He gets $20M guaranteed at signing. Some security for the new Indy starter.”

    1. JB was born in Florida and played on Patriots. He's a Patriots clue IMO

    2. Brissett and Garoppolo = 23,18,36 in their 2019 birthday numerology

    3. I think 49ers got a shot next year like 49ers vs raiders in the SuperBowl

    4. Sure, in the real world it takes time. Now sports is constantly doing worst to first stories with little turnover. SF already did it with Kaep and Rams have done it twice with both moves. SF is right where it needs to be in the pretend world :) .Garoppolo learned from the best and has 2 rings in his pocket for doing nothing.

    5. Garoppolo b day, 11.2.1991.. aka 2.2.20 date of SB

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