Tuesday, September 3, 2019

25 41 134 213 325 | Jared Goff signs $134-million contract, September 3, 2019

$134-million, again?

The shape of the football is the Vesica Piscis.

Read about Rodgers $134-m contract, 13-weeks & 4-days before his birthday:


This comes on Goff's 325th day of his age.

The Vesica Piscis is important to geometry, and sacred geometry.

Notice Masonry's symbol, instruments of geometry.

This comes 41-days before his 25th birthday, after losing in the Super Bowl, to 41-year-old Tom Brady, who lost the year prior to the Eagles in the big game, with 41-points.

His contract comes a span of 213-days from the Super Bowl, and LA is the (213) area code.

The 41-days is synced with his 25th birthday.

Both Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff were Cal Bears.


  1. they scored 3 in SB and 3 in first preseason game. I think that means a bad year is coming. I think he might get injured too. I assumed they wouldnt even sign him yet and drop him. His name is Jared Goff.. thats not a sexy star's name.

  2. Cal Bears-
    Brady saw a Bear in Montana. last year was the Bear. this year is the Montana part

  3. I think he goes down/ figuratively dies.. like the guy in Heaven can wait, during the super bowl in the movie


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