Wednesday, September 11, 2019

68 85 119 134 | New York Times reports on woman who fled 68th floor on Septemberr 11, 2001 +al-Zawahiri threatens United States & T. Boone Pickens dies

The 68th floor?

Remember the riddle with 9/11 and 1968...

If not, read this post:

The name Kayla Bergeron connects to 'Tisha B'Av' and 'Ninth of Av'.

Kayla = 86; September Eleventh = 85

Ninth of Av = 44 / 134
September 11, 2001, came 44-days after the Ninth of Av 

Tisha B'Av is to remember the destruction of the two temples.  The first was Solomon's Temple.  Keep in mind the Solomon Brothers Building collapsed on 9/11, it was Building #7.

ALSO today, September 11, 2019, we get news of the 68-year-old al-Zawahiri.

Notice the overlap with al-Zawahiri and terrorism.

54 / 63 / 108

Trump is in the news as well today for 9/11.

And notice T. Boone Pickens died as well today, another 68.

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