Friday, October 11, 2019

36 115 187 | Kevin McAleenan resigns as Homeland Security Secretary, October 11, 2019 +Shepard Smith same day

Kevin McAleenan was announced on April 7, 2019, for the position:

It's Friday, the best day of the week to resign, especially when it is 36-days after your birthday.

Notice Shepard Smith resigned with Fox News, and Kevin McAleenan, resigned from acting "homeland security secretary".

In the case of Shepard Smith, he resigned from FOX.

A part of me is wondering if this is a riddle for the 115th World Series.

The news comes 187-days after the April 7 announcement of him taking the position.
New York Yankees = 187

His official first date was April 11, 183-days earlier.  Order Out of Chaos = 183


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  2. The border wall is at McAllen Texas.
    Taking OU big today, Sooners finally win red river rivalry when undefeated.


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