Friday, October 11, 2019

USA Today ranks their favorite 115th World Series matchups, October 11, 2019

38, eh?  2019.... 20+19 = 39

New York = 39
Yankees = 37 (12th prime)


  1. 4 Team's left and you still can't figure it out. Just like NHL, just like NBA. Your precious Gematria clearly doesn't work for Sports. Your Championship Picks have been atrocious this year.

    1. Mariners Phillies ❌
      Yankees Phillies ❌
      Yankees Dodgers ❌
      Yankees Cardinals ?


    2. Lol I agree he’s a fraud. Who you got Anthony?

    3. Astros Nats as well. Astros beat the team that's rumored to be moving to Montreal, then beats the old team from Montreal in WS

    4. To be fair to Zach I don't think he ever really made a World Series pick. At the beginning of the year, he said "watch out for the Mariners". During the middle of the season he suggested Yankees/Dodgers based on the blackout thing. He did suggest the Cardinals after Chris Duncan's death. Then after the Wild Card games he said "Astros/Nats might be the best bet". So I don't think he's technically made a WS prediction this year.

    5. He's technically never made a pick.. ever...

    6. That’s the thing though he acts like an expert that calls everything he flat out said he’s never been wrong he’s a flip flopper and that’s why he shouldn’t be charging for sports because what are people paying for? Him just throwing around many possibilities which everyone already does for free in the comments

    7. As long as his followers are dumb enough to pay for patreon, he'll keep posting rubbish selections.


  2. Harrybutts106October 10, 2019 at 8:57 AM

    Elizabeth Christ trump 
    The associate is 47 years old 
    Dave Roberts dodgers manager 47 years old 
    Brooklyn dodgers 
    Kyrie #11 injured 
    That means both #1 seeds in mlb will go down 
    Nba 74th season same reason KD is critical of Knicks 

    I got Pats winning tonight 31-7 
    NFL 100th season 
    100 and 74 = 111 NY=111 boom
    I had 30-19,

  3. @Ram
    That was on the money! Great job

    1. Meh, not really, I was looking for 49,..four points off..but 45 is 45/54


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