Thursday, October 10, 2019

Halftime Stats | TNF, Giants @ Patriost, October 10, 2019

35-points at the half.

Tom Brady = 35
QB = 35 

21 is the leading score.

1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21

This is the first game of Week 6. 

Patriots are going for their 16th straight home win in the regular season, to begin the 2019 season 6-0, in their 60th NFL season.

Six = 16
53, 16th prime (Notice the 53 rushing yards)
Patriots = 53

#16 is the leading receiver for New England, with 53-yards.  Let us not forget that the Patriots won Super Bowl 53, 13-3, 16 combined points.

Tate, on his 70th day of his age, got his 39th career TD.

Giants = 70
New York = 39

Notice it was a 64-yard TD.  New York Giants = 64


  1. During the Thursday night football 10/10/19 at 10:37 pm Rodney Harrison Born:December 15, 1972 (age 46) wearing number 37
    "Rodney Harrison has been voted by the fans as the 29th person to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame".On October 21, 2007, he became the member of the 30/30 Club of players with both 30 interceptions and 30 sacks

  2. I had pats 30-19, for a contest..not quite.
    45 total points for game

  3. But did the Redskins beat the Patriots? That is the real question.

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  5. Rodney Harrison 84 78 183 195
    master of puppets 66 78 210 195

  6. Colt mccoy is a link to playoffs.
    Colt Mccoy=134
    He was on Niners,Redskins,Browns.
    3 C's in his name 
    C = 100 , like centennial

  7. raymondbelljrOctober 10, 2019 at 8:39 PM

    But did the Redskins beat the Patriots? That is the real question
    One game, learned from it..moved on. Youre welcome. They'll still make playoffs))))))))))

  8. Check out my very unsexy Patriots and Astros parlay video on youtube -------->

  9. Game ended with 49 points (49ers)

  10. Just before halftime a stat was mentioned that when leading at halftime new England was 112-2 and Bill Belichick was 97-1. Good mention for 112 and 97

  11. I became a patron and took Astro’s on Tuesday (lost) Washington WNBA on Tuesday (lost) Louisiana in college football on Wednesday (lost) NYG + 17 1/2 on Thursday (lost) I guess like Zach says I’m just a fucking loser. # I’m back in the fence if it’s really rigged or not.

    1. It most certainly is. A team can't go to 4 super bowls in a row= Bills.. a team can't be the Patriots in real life one is that lucky or good. Brady wouldn't last and be healthy if it were real. Watch defenders chasing the ball carriers for entire games. You'll notice they just fall and not even try to tackle on big gains. It's ridiculous. Pick games you are absolutely sure about,in your mind. I sold out to a Redskins upset of Pats what, I still know it's staged.but I understand your doubt

    2. Not to mention they take terrible angles on big plays, it happens like its clock work, and then the announcers say well he took a terrible angle, inside technique, blah,blah,blah. Do you really think the Vikings Miracle against the Saints was real? How about when Cam Newton in SuperBowl 50 looked at he the fumble on the ground like it was a new born alien? SMH.

    3. Join the party. Everybody is pissed about this. He stopped making Championship picks cause it go so bad.. Warriors, 8 NHL Teams all eliminated, Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies, no Super Bowl pick now because it got so bad. IT's truly sickening.

    4. His little gematria numbers don't work and he knows it, He's just carrying this out and long as he can until it gets shut down because he knows its undeserving and wrong at the end of the day. HE was the 1st one to say, " my picks went poorly as soon as i started selling them" ...and then he tells people to bet the Seattle Mariners, the worst team in the MLB to win the World Series.

  12. Zach should refund everybody who lost money on his Giants +17 pick. He's collecting 12k a month while his people are losing and losing. Somebody already killed himself over gambling losses. Zach couldn't care less right now. Just wants his continued 12k

  13. Zack offered Giants with caution.. He gave Bucs and Browns 2 weeks ago. Broncos, Colts,Packers, Saints, Arizona, and was 6/7 last week. Find me better picks!!!!


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